Adjusting The Headlights Of Your Car

Those are simply the headlights of your car. It is actually a lamp. And just by the name itself, it is located in the head or the front end of your vehicle. Of course, these have been mounted there not just for aesthetic purposes but also for functional purposes

A Peep At The 2007 Nissan Quest

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Honda Fit: Made To Fit Lifestyles

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Types Of Scooters – Know The Importance Of Electric Scooters

The various types of scooters, hitherto, available in the market are widely accepted mode of transportation that offers smooth.

Jaguar XK: Powerfully Elegant

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Issues regarding the use of dynamometers

A dynamometer is basically a tool to deliver an effective comparison or analysis of an engine output or performance. Dynamometers are a lagging indicator, which means the dyno only tells you what has occurred during the dyno run or test period. After you have applied your best engine building skills, the dyno serves the purpose of evaluating the engine's capabilities at a specified moment in time. A dynamometer mainly measures Horse Power (usually at the crank shaft but in the case of a chassis dyno, Horse Power is only measured at the rear axle), torque, RPM range over which the engine was tested, temperature and air flow (volume and velocity of the air that ventilates the engine). Some dynamometers also measure noise levels of exhaust and intake manifold pressure, fuel flow, BSFC (the measured fuel flow in pounds per hour divided by the horsepower), and pressures such as oil pressure when appropriate. Top racers own a dyno, as it is a very powerful tool. It provides valuable information about the performance of engines, transposed in a set of graphs. As dynamometers measure engine output, isolate and quantify the metrics of horse power and torque, they are very useful for elaborate performance tests. In preparation for performing a dyno test there are certain metrics that you should have or should obtain prior to planning the test. These include the minimum horsepower, the gear ratio if you are not attaching the water break to the output shaft of the motor. A good dyno allows the user to enter today's environmental or altitude conditions. When reporting, the software provides the correction factors so that each day is measured as though it were the same as the last time that the engine was tested or to a set baseline so that you always achieve a set comparison. Dynamometers are very handy and useful, but they are a very expensive piece of equipment. Many of them are also extremely noisy, even when they are running on small motors. The exhaust is caustic and therefore, dynos should be used only in properly ventilated areas. Before investing in a dynamometer, certain aspects should be considered, such as the size of the working space, the possibility of storing volatile fuels, or the access to certain utilities such as proper water supply for the water brakes. A computer and a color printer are also necessary for recording and monitoring the way the engine performs. When the requirements are met, all it takes is ambition, dedication and investing the right amount of time for making refinements and adjustments.

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Is your car tires safe?

Do you know most of the car accidents are caused because of one or the other fault in the car tires? Most of the car accident reimbursement that the car owners have to pay to the accident victims or the loss they have to incur in terms of insurance money they get is all due to fault in car tires. So, when you go out to buy a car then with all the factors like performance, brand, price, appearance, comfort, and maybe even safety, do consider the performance and integrity of the car tires as well. Even if you own a pre-owned car do make sure that your car tires are in good condition and match your car type, the kind of use it is put to and the geographical demand of the area where you live. Reliable Tires Remember different kinds of vehicle require different kinds of tires. So, you must do some research on your car type and its matching tire type. Do not trust the previous owner if you are buying a used car. Make sure it has compatible car tires. Tires are good for varying conditions, last for varying lengths of time, and cost varying amounts to replace. You must know what type of car tires would work the best in your area. Conditions such as extreme heat, frequent rain or snow, or heavy winter weather are some to consider when you are looking to purchase tires, or to purchase a vehicle with its unique tire needs. Savings Buying the appropriate tires for your car ensures lowered risk of mishap thus, lower insurance premium. Again for special usage cars such as racecars you can get a good insurance premium value if you make sure you use tires specifically made for such cars. High performance tires may cost more than the normal tires but using them saves a lot of money. Driving on tires with worn-out tread can be extremely dangerous, especially in severe weather conditions. If any accident is caused in such conditions you will not only loose money in insurance but also have pay from your pocket to reimburse for the damage caused by your car and to your car. Different vehicles need different tires and also come with different insurance rates charged by different companies that insure you and your vehicle under different amounts. Thus, make sure your car tires are safe so that you are saved from insurance hassles later on.

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Is Your Car A 'Lemon'?

Sooner or later we all must buy a car. And when we can, we buy them brand new.

However, most of us are stuck having to a buy a used car from a dealer or private party at some point. The downside to this is that you can get a car that at first seems like everything you ever wanted, but soon becomes your worst nightmare.

What I have come to learn is that by the time that you begin to realize that you have a lemon on your hands, it is usually too late. The car has already outlived its 90 day warranty which is often filled with loopholes for the dealer anyway. What does this mean for you? If you're like most people, you're thinking to yourself, "it means you're screwed." However, read on.

Most people who buy their cars used know that dealers set up their agreements in terms that will serve only their best interests. Buyers also assume that there is really nothing that they can do in order to get the most out of their money.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, there is a lot that you can do to protect yourself even after you have bought yourself a lemon.

That’s right: as a buyer you do have rights as well.

In fact, there are laws that are designed to protect you should you find that you get stuck with a bad car and a terrible dealer.

Did you know that now is the best time to buy a car? There are very large cash rebates, dealer discounts and employee discounts offered just about everywhere.

The recent major drop in the car industry had forced many people to steer away from buying new cars and also has prompted some of the best discounts ever from the dealerships. You need to do some online research before hitting the dealership and it could save you money and headaches.

Websites like, Edmund's Automobile Buyers Guide, Autolink, Autopedia, Kelley Blue Book and are just some of the sites that are currently giving up to date pricing information on new cars.

You should however make note of the dates when each rebate is set to expire so that you can take advantage of these special offers.

When you are looking for the best prices, you want to visit several different Web sites when researching pricing information for the obvious reasons.

Everything from sticker price to customer rebate information may vary from site to site. It's wise to cover all the bases. Whenever you are in doubt, contact an auto manufacturer directly.

When it comes to the basics behind the lemon laws, knowing the basics can be the difference between whether or not you get screwed or get the chance to recover the money that you spent on the car.

The state and federal statutes offer a wide array of relief for consumers who get stuck with a bad car or truck after they buy.

At the same time, these statutes provide buyers with the chance for recovery of costs and attorney fees which are a strong incentive for attorneys who would like to take up the cause on behalf of unhappy lemon owners.

"Lemon laws" basically outline all of the procedures that are used in order to settle these sorts of new car problems.

These lemon laws differ from one state to another, but lemon laws in general are designed to provide the owner with a refund or replacement vehicle should this problem occur.

For example, some states mandate a refund or a new car if a large enough problems cannot be repaired within four tries, or if the car has been out of service for around a month within the first year or 12,000 miles driven.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as; some states only provide you with the chance to make one attempt for significant safety related issues such as the brakes or steering.

Some states do not even stop with just providing lemon owners with either a refund or a new car. Some of them will, in fact, also let you recover any sort of attorney's fees that you have to deal with during your pursuit of getting some satisfaction from your purchase of a lemon.

It is always good to know that you can get some sort of return on your money when you buy a lemon. It happens so often that eventually there was bound to be some laws protecting the buyers.

What is sometimes sad about the lemon laws is that they do not necessarily help you. It all depends on your specific situation.

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Is It Necessary to Change My Oil at 3,000 Miles?

When Do I change my Oil? Motor oil technology has gradually progressed since the days of the earliest automobiles. In those days, standard motor oil drain intervals were between 500 and 1000 miles, and motorists had to switch viscosity grades with the changing of the seasons. The development of oil filtration and additive technology in the 1930s allowed drain intervals to increase to 2000 and later 3000 miles, while the development of viscosity modifiers in the 1940s allowed the formulation of multi-grade oils that could be used in both hot and cold temperatures. The technology for extended oil drains is obviously available, but until now, the major oil companies have had other agendas. Marc Graham, who is president of Pennzoil-Quaker State-owned Jiffy Lube International, was quoted in a 2001 Lubricants World interview as saying, “At [PQS] we use a number internally that if we [shortened the drain interval] by 100 miles [for each car serviced], it would mean an additional $20 million in revenue for the company.” He also explained that “if we could move our customers to get one more oil change per year, it’s worth $294 million for the oil change alone and $441 million in revenue, when you include the ancillary products and services customers typically buy along with the oil change.” Vehicle manufacturers in Europe have been recommending extended oil drains for years. In fact, the average drain interval in Europe is 10,000 miles. Vehicle manufacturers in the United States are definitely coming around to extended oil drains as well. Most owners manuals from recent model vehicles recommend 5000 to 7500 mile oil drain intervals. In addition, oil life monitors have become increasingly common on today’s vehicles, allowing and encouraging motorists to increase drain intervals up to 12,000 miles, even when using conventional oil. Vehicles equipped with an oil life monitor no longer recommend oil changes based solely on mileage. The system measures engine operational data such as temperature, revolutions and speed to determine when the oil is nearing the end of its life. As time goes on, more and more equipment managers are exploring the use of extended oil drain intervals. While there are many cautions that accompany establishing an extended drain program, they can be more than offset by savings in maintenance costs and increased uptime. It has been reported that in the not-too-distant future extended intervals will be commonplace. Several engine manufacturers are said to be considering new recommended oil and filter change intervals.

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Is America Ready For A Tiny BMW?

I wrote previously about Mercedes’ foray into the small car market. As strange as that may seem to many Americans, both Mercedes and BMW have long produced smaller and less costly models for the European market. Now, it appears that BMW is considering doing the same: introducing to the North American market a truly compact car, smaller than any BMW that has ever graced our highways and back streets. Is this a good move for the German automaker? Or, will it water down a prestigious brand name? Part of any automaker’s marketing strategy is to convince you, the consumer, what their vehicle line is all about. Dodge would like you to believe that they sell sporty cars and rugged trucks; Scion touts their youth oriented vehicles; and both BMW and Mercedes, like Cadillac, sell luxury vehicles. Millions of dollars of advertising is spent per year to reinforce brand image which is supported by consumer surveys of that particular sentiment. Speaking about Cadillac, in the early 1980s GM’s luxury brand briefly marketed a compact car – the Cimarron – that ultimately bombed, in part, because it strayed far from its big luxury car base. Sure, the car was little more than a rebadged and re-tweaked Chevrolet Cavalier, but it contradicted the entire Cadillac mystique. Even a slightly larger and much later model, the Catera, also failed as the car was perceived for what it really was: a remade Opel. So, now the dilemma: will consumers accept the “1 Series” BMW’s planned entry or will it cause confusion and diminish the BMW name? As a backgrounder, the current 1 Series is expected to be overhauled in 2006. Right now the car is offered as a sport hatchback, but the hatchback isn’t likely to be imported due to America’s aversion to that particular body style. Thus a sedan version is being considered by BMW for production according to published reports. I visited BMW’s U.K. site to examine the current Series 1 model. With the typical BMW fascia in place the Series 1 resembles a slightly stretched Volkswagen Golf mated to a compact BMW. The “1” comes equipped with either a 1.6L or 2.0L I4 gasoline engine, a gas 24V 3.0L V6, or a 2.0L four cylinder diesel that achieves a whopping 50 mpg fuel economy. Prices for the “1” start at just under $25,000 Equipment on the “1” is typical BMW with ABS and all the full luxury appointments. Clearly, the current “1” is not a stripped model as it features many of the amenities found on larger BMWs. In my opinion BMW must tread carefully in bringing a car of this size to the American market. Forget the hatchback and just go with the sedan with either a wagon and or a coupe being a possibility. Unlike the basic Mercedes models, the “1” may just be able to pull it off for BMW and allow the German automaker to sell a tiny BMW successfully in the U.S. Alternatively, BMW just may want to consider launching a separate brand, to retain the BMW mystique in the American market.

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Is A Pre-Purchase Inspection Worth The Cost When Buying A Used Vehicle?

When people are doing research on how to buy a used vehicle, they often see information encouraging them to have an independent pre-purchase inspection done of the vehicle before purchasing it, but people may wonder whether or not it’s worth the money. It is almost always a good investment. For around $100 you can typically get a general inspection of the mechanical condition of a vehicle. It is generally a good idea to have this done even if the vehicle has been certified and inspected by the dealer. Ask your regular car mechanic to do the inspection for you. If you don’t have a regular car mechanic ask family and friends for their recommendations. Or look for certified facilities. There are also companies that specialize in pre-purchase inspections. Their services often include an estimate of what the vehicle is worth so you’ll know whether or not you’re being asked to pay too much money for the vehicle. A company specializing in pre-purchase inspections may be your best bet if a dealer won’t allow you to take a used vehicle you’re looking at off the lot (maybe because of insurance reasons). Companies specializing in pre-purchase inspections usually will come to where the vehicle is. One of the drawbacks of this type of service though is that they cannot put the vehicle up on a lift to look at the underbody for any obvious damage. But they can still do a fairly thorough job of inspecting the vehicle and find obvious problems that could cost you a lot of money down the road. Make sure to get a written copy of the inspection report, including the estimated costs for any necessary repairs the vehicle needs. Make sure the report includes the make, model and VIN of the vehicle. If the vehicle needs repairs done and you still want to purchase it, you can use the inspection report to help negotiate a better purchase price. Having a pre-inspection done can help you avoid buying someone else’s problem or lemon. Almost everyone knows of someone who has had a bad experience when buying a used vehicle – both private party and from a dealer. People may unknowingly buy a vehicle that was in a major accident, didn’t show the accurate mileage, was in a flood, or was a salvage vehicle – all things that can cost major repair dollars down the road and major headaches. Having a pre-purchase inspection done can help you avoid having your own horror story to share.

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In-Vehicle Communications Systems. Valuable To Consumers, Law Enforcement

An estimated 1.3 million Americans had their vehicles stolen last year, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's annual Uniform Crime Report. After years of steady decline in the '90s, victims of motor vehicle thefts lost an estimated $8.6 billion in 2003. As police agencies across the country look for new ways to crack down on this nagging problem, consumers are encouraged to take active measures to deter auto theft. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting insurance fraud and vehicle theft, recommends a multi-layer of protection to deter car thieves. The suggestions include not leaving keys in the car, locking doors, parking in well-lit areas and using visual and audio deterrents, such as steering wheel locks and car alarms. In-vehicle safety and communication systems are another option for motorists and are becoming more common in new vehicles. General Motors' OnStar system, used by three million subscribers, uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless technologies to respond to about 500 stolen vehicle requests a month. OnStar advisors work closely with police dispatchers, passing along critical information to help guide authorities to the location of a stolen vehicle. One person who realized the value of owning a vehicle equipped with an in-vehicle safety system was Raiford Brown. When his 2004 Hummer H2 was stolen from the driveway of his home in Tennessee, Brown called the local sheriff's department to report the theft. After filing a police report, the sheriff's department called OnStar to assist in the recovery of the vehicle. OnStar Advisor Lewis Baldwin used the vehicle's embedded GPS system to pinpoint the its whereabouts. By then, the car had been driven across the state line into Sharonville, Ohio. Once authorities recovered the vehicle and apprehended the suspect, they learned he was also one of America's most-wanted fugitives. "Electronic vehicle locating systems can help reduce the amount of the time it takes police to locate a stolen vehicle and apprehend the suspects," said Col. Paul McClellan, superintendent of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. "Our goal is to get the owner's vehicle back before it's been damaged. Citizens can help by taking the best precautions to help deter theft." For the 2006 model year, three million GM vehicles in North America will be equipped with the OnStar in-vehicle safety and communications system. The number of such vehicles is expected to grow incrementally, up from 1.4 million in 2004 and 2.2 million in the 2005 model years.

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Internet the World’s Biggest Auto Marketplace

The next time you need to sell or buy a used car you don’t need to rush to dealers and spend precious time negotiating the best deal. The internet has come to the rescue once again. Following the success of various classifieds sites including job sites, dating sites, real estate site etc auto classifieds sites are the next big thing. Online used cars & bike classifieds are a big draw for buyers and sellers because of the many features they offer which conventional newspaper classifieds lack. Features of Online Auto Classifieds: 1. Full page color ads 2. Multiple photos of your vehicle 3. Country wide ad listing for long periods up to three months 4. Personal account & response management system 5. Privacy options (manage responses via online mailbox only) These features are available to users of most auto classifieds websites such as Users can search according to various parameters such as city, make, model, year etc and get the exact match they are looking for much easier than browsing through pages and pages of newspaper classifieds. US based sites such as have gone a step further and conduct their own research on used cars to ascertain the desirability and pricing of various models in the used car market. An Indian auto classifieds site has gone a step further and introduced separate sections for cars, bikes and commercial vehicles. is also India’s first carpool site where users can search and post carpool ads. Its not just individual users who are using these sites, car dealers are finding it very beneficial to sell their vehicle inventory online considering the many features on offer. For people who do not know or use the internet dealers can help in selling their vehicle via these auto classifieds sites. You must be wondering about how much it costs to post an ad on such sites. Certain sites are paid sites while sites such as are completely free to use. Financially it makes a lot of sense to use auto portals since buyers and sellers never need to pay any commission or brokerage for deals done via the site. The site gets buyers in touch with the sellers directly. So the next time you need to buy or sell a used car or bike look no further that the internet.

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Insuring Your Cadillac For Less Money

Just because you own one of America’s premier luxury makes doesn’t mean you must pay a mint for car insurance. True, Cadillacs are not cheap cars but you shouldn’t have to pay a premium for your Cadillac car insurance. Are you in the market for better insurance coverage for your Cadillac? Do you want information that could save you hundreds of dollars per year on your Cadillac car insurance? If you answered yes to either question then please read on as I have important information that can result in big savings for you. Over the past decade, the Cadillac line up has been overhauled to compete much more effectively against foreign luxury brands. No longer simply Lincoln’s chief competitor, Cadillacs are routinely mentioned in the same breath as Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW when comparing global luxury brands. Like the foreign brands, insuring a Cadillac can be an expensive proposition. However, just because you can afford a Cadillac doesn’t mean you want or should have to pay the highest Cadillac car insurance rates going. With a little research, you can come across sizable Cadillac car insurance savings. Depending on the age of your Cadillac and the coverage that you seek as well as the coverage required by your state, your insurance rates can vary drastically. In addition, there are some other things which can determine what you will ultimately pay: Your age Your personal health Your driving record Your address Your deductibles Your Cadillac’s age Your annual miles driven …and more! When purchasing Cadillac car insurance there are various insurance elements that comprise the entire insurance policy including: Liability insurance – This element protects you in the event that you have an accident, specifically if you damage property or hurt someone else in the accident. The more coverage you have, the better you are protected against legal claims that could arise against you. Collision insurance – If your Cadillac gets damaged, do you have insurance to cover repairs? Any vehicle with a value of $3000 or more should have collision insurance. You are required to have this type of coverage if your car is being financed through a financing company. Comprehensive insurance – This insurance element protects you in the event of some other loss including theft, wind damage, vandalism, etc. Other parts of the insurance puzzle include insurance against an underinsured or uninsured motorist as well as medical insurance in the event you lose work, etc. Of course, you must determine what insurance works best for you. The key to all insurance is for you to reduce your risk, so don’t skimp on coverage. Finding cost effective Cadillac car insurance can be done by calling various agencies for a price quote or, if you are pressed for time and want to see multiple quotes at once, by visiting an online car insurance quote company such as which can turn up the information that you need. Should you go with the company that has the lowest rates? That is usually advisable, but only if they can also provide the agent assistance you need when you need it. You can obtain that information by visiting a consumer satisfaction site discussing insurance companies, contacting your state’s consumers’ affairs department, or by asking friends who are satisfied customers of the car insurance company that interests you. Yes, affordable Cadillac car insurance is a possibility. Do a little online research and you could turn up some big savings.

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Install A Cold Air Intake For Better Performance

A simple way for any car buff to get more power out of his or her ride is to install a cold air intake system. A cold air intake is designed to reduce the temperature of air entering a vehicle to maximize the engine’s power. The net result is a vehicle that performs better, saves on fuel, and produces a nifty intake tone. Additionally, a cold air intake will improve the look of a vehicle's engine bay. Fortunately, installing a cold air intake system is not a difficult job: you can do it yourself. Let's take a look at the advantages of installing a cold air intake. More Power – Denser, colder air acts like “food” for your engine. The lower the temperature of the air entering your engine, the more efficient it runs. If an engine could speak it would say, “feed me cold air.” By installing a cold air intake you give your engine what it really wants. The result is more horsepower and torque as your engine taps into power that would have otherwise have gone to waste. Better Fuel Economy – There is a mistake that some make when they discuss performance parts: many power enhancements actually increase fuel mileage, they don’t reduce it. An efficiently operating engine eats up less gas and a cold air intake delivers better overall fuel economy because the engine does not have to work as hard. Greater efficiency equals better fuel mileage. Top Notch Sound/Great Looks – Open up your vehicle’s engine bay for all of the world to see and you will hear plenty of positive remarks about your colorful air intake system. Cold air intakes come in a variety of colors and some have paintable surfaces for special customization. Moreover, a cold air intake produces a throaty intake tone when traveling around town or while moving down the highway. There are many brands producing cold air intake systems, but you must determine the right part for your particular make and model. Top selling brands include K&N Intake, AEM Cold Air Intake, Volant Air Intake, and Injen as they are some of the most noteworthy intakes for the at-home mechanic. For the best selection and lowest prices, shop with a reputable online wholesaler. Enjoy your cold air intake system as you reap the many benefits of owning a well engineered and attractive device.

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Inspections Show Most Vehicles Need More Care

Do you have your vehicle's oil changed every 3,000 miles? Do you regularly check the air pressure in your tires or have them rotated on a set maintenance schedule? Are your vehicle's fluids checked regularly? If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you're not alone. According to the Car Care Council, 87 percent of vehicles inspected during National Car Care Month earlier this year failed one or more aspects of the annual inspection. "Compared to the 90 percent failure rate last year, the 2004 inspection results indicate that the motoring public is beginning to understand the importance of maintaining their vehicles and is starting to take action to reduce vehicle neglect," said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council. "While we are thrilled to see the numbers decrease, an 87 percent failure rate is too high." Even if you aren't mechanically savvy, there are things you can do to keep your car in safe and working order. Checking your car's fluids is the first step in keeping it running smoothly. Low fluid levels can affect the safe driving performance of the vehicle and damage internal parts if not properly maintained. Twenty-three percent of cars inspected had low or dirty power steering fluid while 26 percent of vehicles had low brake fluid. Checking tire pressure and tread depth is equally important. During the Car Care Council's inspection, 25 percent of the vehicles were found to have improperly inflated tires and 10 percent of the tires had worn tread and were in need of replacement. Low tire pressure decreases gas mileage and tire life, and tires with worn tread are at greater risk of losing traction on wet roads. Check tire pressure every time you fill up the gas tank. Many roadside breakdowns can be avoided by motorists periodically checking their cars belts and hoses and replacing them when worn. At least one belt was reported as unsatisfactory in 25 percent of the vehicles inspected, and 12 percent of the vehicles required at least one new hose. Drivers also should pay attention to the condition of their car's battery, air filter and vehicle lighting (such as brake lights, tail lights, headlights and turn signals).

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Inspect Your Shocks And Struts

Most owners know their vehicles require routine maintenance, including periodic inspection of their batteries, spark plugs, tires, windshield wipers, filters and fluids. But often the parts drivers can't see-such as shock absorbers and struts, located under the vehicle-don't get the attention they deserve. In addition to causing an uncomfortable ride and poor handling, weak shocks may cause changes in vehicle ride height. This may lead to increased wear on other suspension components-including tires, ball joints and springs-which could cause premature component failure in extreme cases. These components are often more expensive to replace than the shocks themselves. "Shocks and struts are the only devices on your vehicle designed to help reduce up and down movement," said Sherry Allen, product specialist, ACDelco Suspension Systems. "Reducing this movement can offer many benefits, such as improved comfort, control and handling. ACDelco shocks and struts fit 95 percent of vehicle models from the 1980s on." ACDelco, a global leader in automotive replacement parts and service, offers the following vehicle maintenance quiz on shock absorbers: Q: Is there an obvious sign, like a noise or a jolt, that shock absorbers make when they wear out and need to be replaced? A: Not really. Shocks wear out gradually, so an incremental loss of handling, control or ride performance may not even be noticeable to the vehicle owner. The vehicle's shocks should be inspected every time the vehicle comes in for any service. Q: Which of the following are indications that a vehicle's shocks may need to be replaced? a) Vehicle continues to bounce after hitting a road bump b) Vehicle may take longer to stop c) Vehicle nose-dives when braking d) Vehicle ride is shaky or bumpy e) Vehicle sways or leans on turns A: All five are symptoms of worn-out shocks. Because shocks deteriorate slowly, most drivers say that until the new shocks are installed, they don't realize what a significant difference shocks make in comfort, control and handling. Q: Is there any physical evidence that may indicate a vehicle's shocks need replacing? A: The two most common physical signs are: 1) cupping of the tires; that is, fairly regular, small patches of rubber dug out around the tire's circumference, and 2) oil leaking from the shocks. ACDelco encourages drivers to have their vehicle's suspension system thoroughly inspected every time the vehicle comes in for any service by a service center that has ASE-certified technicians.

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Increasing Gas Mileage Products

With the steady increase in gasoline prices, everybody is looking for a way to save money at the pump. Some will drive miles out of their way to save 3 cents on the gallon--about a 1% savings for today's prices. Still others try to walk, bike, or take public transportation more--but that isn't an option for everybody. So, people are looking at increasing gas mileage products as a means of saving money.
What are some of the increasing gas mileage products and how can you use them? Some of the products are air filters that go into the car's air flow system to make your engine work more efficiently. Some popular products are the Fuel Genie and the Tornado Fuel Saver. These increasing gas mileage products claim to work by improving the air circulation in the engine and thereby making a better fuel air mixture. Their up to 28% savings in gas is backed by a 120 day money back guarantee.
Other fuel saving products are chemicals that go right into the engine's fuel tank. Some products work by cleaning the fuel system and others work by altering the fuel's chemical mixture. STP, for example, has a complete line of engine cleaning systems to clean and maintain the engine. These products prevent deposits from building up on the fuel injectors, carburetors, and combustion chambers, thus increasing efficiency and cutting back on loss of power. Some products, such as GTA Fuel Enhancer, alter the fuel in order to make the fuel burn more efficiently. Whatever the reasoning behind the different products, their main goal is the same: to burn fuel more efficiently to save money, and incidentally, reduce emissions and pollution.
These products are easy to use. Simply add the increasing gas mileage products into your tank before you fill it up. If using on consecutive tanks, of gas, just make sure to run the tank almost to empty, as the products are designed for a specific number of gallons of gasoline. Many of the additives require 1 or more fuel tank fill ups to reach their maximum potential, though you could start seeing payback in fuel costs immediately.
So, the next time you're at the auto parts store, consider picking up some increasing gas mileage products. They're easy to use, many will also help you prevent excessive pollution from chemical waste, and they could pay for themselves in gas money!

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Increase Your Torque And Save On Gas

If you were to mention to someone that most performance automotive parts can conserve fuel while producing more power, likely you would not be believed. In previous generations this statement would probably have held true, but today -- due to technological advances -- you can usually see an increase in power along with the added benefit of receiving a slight increase in fuel economy. This holds true for exhaust headers, the topic of this article. Exhaust headers are one of the simplest add on accessories you can utilize to enhance your engine's performance. Headers make it easier for the engine to drive exhaust gases out of the cylinders and to purge the manifold's back pressure. Instead of a shared manifold that all of the cylinders use, each cylinder has its own exhaust pipe. The result? More power for your car and less fuel expended as the headers harness what was previously wasted power and turns it back into raw energy. Selecting a header for your car basically comes down to two choices: stock headers and performance headers. With a stock header you come out ahead on price and with a performance header you win on power. Essentially, a performance header takes off where the stock header leaves off by providing an individual runner, or pipe, for each cylinder. In addition, exhaust backpressure is reduced, and air flows more easily out of your engine. Thus, you pay more for a performance header but you get what you really want: more power for your wheels. So, who sells headers? Fortunately, the number of manufacturers producing excellent quality performance headers is on the rise. More competition means a better selection and lower prices. Some of the top manufacturers are:
  • Apexi Headers
  • BBK Headers
  • Borla Headers
  • DC Headers
  • Dynomax Headers
  • Edelbrock Headers
  • FlowTech Headers
  • Gibson Headers
  • Hedman Headers
  • JBA Headers
  • Pacesetter Headers When it comes to purchasing headers, prices are all over the place. Shop around and compare price, service, and selection, between online wholesalers to uncover who is in the best position to deliver to you the highest quality parts for the lowest prices.
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    In-Car Entertainment Can Soothe Passengers

    Imagine turning "Are we there yet?" into "We're there already?" A growing number of families are doing just that by adding rear-seat entertainment technologies and other conveniences to their vehicles in time for the summer vacation season. In spite of the increased cost of fuel, Americans are expected to hit the road in record numbers this summer, just as they have in virtually every year since the late 1950s. In fact, estimated annual miles driven by consumers reached 1.7 billion in 2004, nearly three times the miles logged during the 1960s. Yet, in spite of the growing allure of distant theme parks, beaches and interactive museums, families still face the challenge of keeping kids happy while strapped into their seats. "A bored child can make any drive seem harder for everyone," said Mark Boyle, director of marketing, Aftermarket, for Visteon Corporation, manufacturer of a broad range of mobile electronics technologies for passenger vehicles. "Making the driving experience more comfortable is an important goal for automakers, dealerships and consumer products manufacturers-and we're seeing the results in the form of truly innovative entertainment technologies." One of the most recent products-Visteon's Dockable Entertainment featuring Game Boy® Advance-marries the popularity of in-car movies with the 750-plus game titles available for Nintendo's wildly popular Game Boy® Advance platform. The system can be seamlessly integrated into the car's headliner, but also can be removed in a matter of seconds for use in another vehicle, outdoors or anywhere else. The system is offered with wireless game controllers and wireless headphones. Automotive industry studies have shown that video games rank among the most appealing in-vehicle entertainment options, along with movies and music. Combining all three in a single platform (the Visteon system also plays MP3 files) demonstrates the lengths to which manufacturers are going to answer consumer demand for more relaxing road trips, according to Boyle.

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    Improve Your Gas Mileage

    Does the cost of gas have you fuming at the pump? If carpooling and public transportation are not the answers for you, you'll be happy to know there are ways to improve your fuel economy no matter what type of car you are driving. Here are some good habits to practice for better gas mileage, from * Drive safely. Aggressive driving wastes gas fast. Hard braking or jackrabbit takeoffs can waste gas and curb mileage by as much as 33 percent at highway speeds, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. * Slow down. The faster you drive, the more gas you waste and the more money you lose at the pump. Each mile per hour you drive over 60 is like paying an extra 10 cents per gallon, according to DOE. * Keep it covered. Your gas cap, that is. About 17 percent of cars have missing or damaged gas caps, causing 147 million gallons of gas to vaporize every year. * Replace your air filter. A clogged air filter chokes off the air and causes too much gas to be burned for the amount of air. This wastes gas and causes your engine to lose power. Replacing a clogged air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. * Shed the pounds. Using a loaded roof rack or trunk increases fuel consumption. Remove all unnecessary weight. * Treat your engine right. Using a synthetic engine treatment, like XenTx Extreme Engine Treatment, is a great way to get better gas mileage. XenTx in your vehicle will reduce friction. Lower friction means your engine can produce more power with less effort. It has also shown to increase horsepower and torque and extend the life of your oil changes. * Maintain good tire pressure. Driving with tires that aren't inflated properly can cost you a mile or two per gallon. * Replace spark plugs. Spark plugs fire as many as 3 million times every 1,000 miles, resulting in a lot of heat and electrical and chemical erosion. A dirty spark plug can cause misfiring, which wastes fuel. * Use the right grade of gasoline. Check your vehicle owner's manual to find out whether your car will run fine on regular grade. Regular grade fuel costs 10 percent less than premium grade.

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    Improve your car’s performance by using dynamometers

    The dynamometer is a device used to measure mechanical force, power and torque produced by an engine. Its inventor, Charles Babbage, is also known as the “Father of Computing. There are basically two types of dynamometers: the first one is bolted directly to an engine, and it’s called engine dyno, while the second type of dynamometer can measure power and torque without removing the engine from the frame of the vehicle, and it’s known as a chassis dyno. An engine dynamometer measures power and torque directly from the engine's crankshaft (or flywheel), when the engine is removed from the vehicle. These dynos don’t take in consideration power losses in the drive train, such as the gearbox, transmission or differential. A chassis dynamometer measures power from the engine directly through the wheels. The vehicle is parked on rollers and the output is measured. These dynos can be fixed or portable. The dynamometer works by applying various loads on the engine and by measuring the engine's ability to move the load. It is connected to a computer which uses mathematics to calculate the output of the engine. The engine is run from idle to its maximum RPM and the output is measured and interpreted on a graphic. Nearly all aspects of engine operation can be measured during a dyno run. Generally, dynamometers are useful in the development and refinement of modern day engine technology. The concept is to use a dyno to measure and compare power transfer at different points on a vehicle, thus allowing the engine or drive train to be altered, in order to get a more efficient power transfer. For example, if an engine dynamo shows that a particular engine achieves 400 N·m (300 lbf·ft) of torque, and a chassis dynamo shows only 350 N·m (260 lbf·ft), it means that in order to recover the power loss, the drive train should be inspected and improved for maximum efficiency. Dynamometers are typically expensive pieces of equipment, reserved for certain fields that rely on them for a particular purpose. They are very handy, as they can diagnose the entire way a car is functioning, but they are sometimes unaffordable.

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    Idees Pour Mariage et Lune de Miel Inoubliable

    Alors le divorce, entre l'avocat, les frais de procédure, et la durée de ce dernier, tous nos bas de laine y passe. Alors assez! Pour vous, les places à ne pas manquer pour réussir et votre mariage, et votre lune de miel! L'endroit incontournable pour un mariage hors norme et à bas prix: Las Vegas. Pour vous marier a Las Vegas, rien de plus simple. Autre que votre billet d'avion, le budget évalué pour un mariage est de près de $700? Pourquoi hésiter? Ces frais incluent: le permis de mariage, évalué à $30, la cérémonie civile, $50; la chapelle offrant en général la cérémonie, les témoins spéciaux, la limousine et les photos pour un montant se situant entre $200 et $500, a moins de vouloir pour témoin Elvis Presley, la ça monte un peu plus haut mais pas de grand chose, Votre divorce? Pourquoi pleurer trop longtemps. A Las Vegas, sitôt divorcé, vous pouvez vous remarier. Alors no woman no cry… Les endroits de Las Vegas pour se marier: Une simple cérémonie civile: Rendez-vous auprès du Las Vegas Marriage Commissioner. Le mariage peut se faire directement au bureau du Commissionner en 30 minutes pour un cout de $50. Une cérémonie religieuse: Rendez-vous dans l'une des célèbres chapelles. Sobres, classiques ou plus farfelues, il y en a pour tous les goûts!. Vous pouvez même trouver de ces chapelles pittoresques à l'aspect d'une église entourées par des jardins de roses le long du Las Vegas strip parmi les casinos, bars et poker palaces. Pour une modique somme de 200 à 500 $, vous pouvez acheter un forfait de mariage qui comprend l'utilisation de la chapelle, la cérémonie de mariage, des fleurs, de la musique et des photos. Les forfaits plus coûteux comprennent plus d'extras comme le transfert depuis votre hôtel en limousine ultra longue ou Elvis Presley comme témoin. Les chapelles des casinos: Pour un mariage médiéval, rendez-vous a l'hôtel Excalibur,sinon MGM Grand a un mariage en montagnes russes, Treasure Island un mariage de pirates à bord de son bateau HMS Brittania et le Las Vegas Hilton propose un mariage Star Trek à bord du vaisseau spatial Enterprise avec des témoins Klingon et des invités Ferengi. Les forfaits des casinos peuvent s'élever de 350 $ à 3500 $ et au-delà. Ils incluent généralement une ou plusieurs nuits dans une suite "lune de miel" de l'hôtel ainsi que des photos, des fleurs, de la musique, des divertissements et même une cure beauté complète dans leur station thermale. Puis pour votre lune de miel, rendez-vous sur l'un de paquebots suivants: Monarch of the seas: Aussi grand que Statue de la Liberté, Ses animations pour les enfants sont incomparables. Avec le Monarch, partez à la découverte du Mexique. Arretez vous dans les villes de Los Angeles, San Diego, Ile Catalina, et Ensenada en cinq jours. Cinq jours de dépaysement garantis. Jewel of the seas: Mis en service en mai 2004, le Jewel of the Seas est caractérisés par l'allure innovante des super yachts. Il possède un design avancé avec ses grandes surfaces vitrées dans les espaces publics et des ascenseurs de verre donnant sur l'océan. Au choix, voyagez sur ce paquebot autour des Caraïbes ou découvrez l'Europe Transatlantique. Le "must" des Caraïbes vous attend aux escales de Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Georgetown, et en mer. Pour les amoureux de l'Europe, des escales inattendues vous permettront de découvrir Oslo Copenhague et Hambourg sous un jour nouveau, ou encore, toute la Scandinavie, ses fjords et la Russie grâce à des visites à Harwich, Oslo, Copenhague, Stockholm, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, et Tallinn. Voyager of the seas: Destination les Antilles. Ce paquebot est le plus grand au monde, et nous faisons grand usage de l'espace disponible. Vous y trouverez plus d'activités et d'expériences que vous ne pouvez imaginer. Un mur d'escalade vous attend pour pouvoir pratiquer votre souplesse et votre réflexion et découvrir l'océan sus un angle nouveau. Au départ de Miami, des escales sont prévues à Nassau, Saint Thomas, San Juan, Labadie, et deux journées en mer avant un retour au lieu de départ. Découvrez également la fameuse patinoire où vous pourrez boire un bon chocolat. La vie nocturne y est également de mise: les boutiques, les cafés et autres animations du s'ouvrent à vous. Danser jusqu'au bout de la nuit au Jesters, une boîte de nuit entraînante répartie sur deux étages.

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    I Love To Enjoy Car Shows

    One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend is at car shows. I'll admit that I was never raised to think much about cars or to consider looking at cars fun. When I married my husband, however, all of that changed. He is a car fanatic and he took me to car shows from the second week that I met him. The first few weekends I spent at car shows it was not too exciting for me. I went because he loved them, and that was good enough for me. I found myself much more interested in the people that attended the car shows than in the actual cars at the car shows. I would wander with my husband and his other car-loving friends but my mind would wander aimlessly to anything other than the cars. I guess my love for car shows began as I began to force myself to pay attention to what was happening around me at the shows. I began to listen to my husband as he tried to teach me all of the important things to know about the various makes and models of the classic cars at the car shows. Instead of ignoring him, I listened and I found that I really liked learning about cars. And the more I looked to the people around me, I found that I liked what I saw in them and I wanted to really be a part of these car shows. I went out on a limb and bought an old classic car for my husband to restore and then enter in car shows. I have never seen such a surprised but thrilled look on someone's face as on the day that I bought that car for him. He spent the next two years out in our garage fixing up every part of that car. I should have known that I was signing myself up to never see him. It didn't matter though, because he loved it so much. It was with great pride that he entered his restored car into several car shows in our area. We spent many weekends at these car shows and instead of wandering around the shows, now we were stationed near our car to talk about it with pride and to explain it to other wanderers. I loved those weekends, and I loved feeling the pride that my husband had for his car. Car shows really are a great way to spend time. Be careful though, because once you start enjoying them you just might get hooked. I did, and I've recently begun working to restore a little beauty of my own to enter in future car shows.

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    Hybrids Don't Make Sense Financially

    Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular as the cost of gas continues to rise. The problem is, they really are not the best decision financially. Hybrids do provide a benefit to the environment in that they do not use as much gas as a conventional vehicle, but they do not save you money in most cases. Most people that buy hybrids do so for the gas savings. They assume that because they are using less gas that they are saving money. On the surface they are correct. The may be able to stretch a tank of gas out twice as long so they are only going to the gas station half as much but they are still not saving. Let me give you a couple of examples. I am going to use Toyotas to prove my point because they have probably the best made hybrids on the road right now and they also have excellent conventional vehicles as well. Toyota’s best known hybrid is the Prius. A base model Prius sells for $21,725. I chose to use base model prices because I have no way of knowing what each person out there would add for options and how much it would change the prices. Someone buying a Prius is looking to save money on gas so for the comparison I will use the Toyota Corolla. A base model Corolla ranges in price from roughly $14,000-$18,000 depending on the model you chose. So, that is a savings of roughly $3,000 to $7,000. I based the on comparison on 20,000 miles a year put on the vehicle at $3.00 for an average gallon of gas. The reason for these numbers is because anyone that buys a Hybrid vehicle probably has a decent commute and does a lot of driving each year. The Prius averages 60 miles per gallon on the highway and the Corolla averages 38 miles per gallon. Prius: 20,000 miles/ 60 mpg = 333 gallons of gas a year X $3/gallon = $999 in fuel expenses for the year. Corolla: 20,000/38 mpg = 526 gallons of gas X $3 = $1578 in fuel expenses for the year. This makes a difference of $579 in fuel savings per year for the Prius over the Corolla. So, in order to make up the added expense of buying the Prius over the Corolla you need to own the Prius for at least 5.2 years just for the $3000 end of the scale. If you buy the $14,000 Corolla and save $7,000 on the initial purchase you need to keep the Prius for 12 years. This does not include other factors such as what are probably more expensive maintenance and repair costs for the Prius because of the newer technology. Taking a deeper look you can compare the Camry. If you compare the 6 cylinder model to the hybrid it makes sense to buy the hybrid because some of the V6 models are more expensive to purchase than the hybrid in addition to the gas savings. But, anyone looking to buy a Hybrid is probably going to buy a 4 cylinder Camry for the additional gas savings so I will compare those two models. A hybrid Camry costs roughly $25,000 and gets 40 mpg on the highway. The 4 cylinder model costs roughly $18,000 and gets 34 mpg on the highway. So, the savings is roughly $7,000 to buy the 4 cylinder model rather than the hybrid. Hybrid: 20,000 miles/40 mpg = 500 gallons of gas X $3/gallon = $1,500 in fuel expenses for the year. 4 cyl.: 20,000/ 34 mpg = 588 gallons X $3/gallon = $1,764 in fuel expenses for the year. In order to make up the $7,000 extra you spent on your hybrid model you will need to keep your car for 27 years. If you currently own a huge pick up truck then a hybrid probably makes sense. If you are are comparing similar cars, like the ones I discussed in this article, I think the numbers show if you are looking at it from a financial standpoint you need to go with the conventional vehicle. If you are looking at it from an environmental standpoint then obviously the hybrid vehicle is the only decision. If you look at things on a bigger scale then the hybrids are the best choice. If hybrids were garaged in the majority of the households across America then the gas prices would eventually get lower because the oil producing countries would suffer financially. It is the old theory of supply and demand at its best. Right now there is a huge demand for oil and the oil producing countries can basically name their price. If the demand was cut in half then they do not have as much power over their price. Technically they could reduce their production and still command a nice price for the oil they do produce but either way they are making less money.

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    Hybrid vehicle buying Incentives in California

    California is one of the few states that provide huge incentive on hybrid vehicle purchase. This incentive is not limited to tax credits only like other states. You can avoid highway lane restriction; get parking privilege if you are driving a hybrid vehicle. Also some of Californians City offer benefit on hybrid cars. Here are some benefits in California for buying hybrid vehicles: State Hybrid HOV: On Jan. 1, 2005, CA will allow hybrid electric vehicles that get at least 45mpg and have SULEV emissions ratings to use high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes without regard to the number of passengers in the vehicle. As of 8/10, this incentive is now in operation. Current eligible vehicles include the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight and Honda Civic hybrid. Vehicles must have special decals in order to use HOV lanes. Note: A total of 75,000 decals are available and will be granted on a "first come-first served" basis. For more information go to San Jose Free Hybrid Parking: Free parking at downtown San Jose public parking facilities and on-street meters throughout the City for Clean-Fuel Vehicles purchased in San Jose. Began 1/1/03. Eligibility-- Contact-- Jason Burton (408) 794-1427, Los Angeles Hybrid Free Parking -- Gas-electric hybrid cars can park at parking meters for free, but can still be ticketed for exceeding the time allotment for metered spaces. The ran through a 6 month trial period from October 2004-March 2005. The LA City Council recently voted an extension of the incentive through May 2005 while the LA Department of Transportation prepares an evaluation. Police Officers have been trained to recognize hybrid cars. If you own a Zero Emission Vehicle or Super Low Emission Vehicle as defined by the California Air Resources Board, you may purchase a California Clean Air Vehicle Decal from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Once you have purchased and affixed the decal to your vehicle per DMV instructions, you can park without depositing coins at metered parking spaces (however, you remain subject to the posted time limit restrictions) throughout the city. To find out how to obtain a California Clean Air Vehicle Decal, go to: According to a representative at the LA Department of Transporation, four hybrid vehicles were identified as eligible to receive the free metered parking privileges during the pilot program: Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight and Ford Escape Hybrid. For more information e-mail the LA Department of Transportation at Insurance Discount for Hybrids (private): Los Angeles-based Farmers Insurance company is offering a 5 percent discount on auto insurance to California customers driving hybrid-electric models. The discount, effective October 1, 2005, is for all customers who own a hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle. All new business customers will receive the discount as of the new business date, and existing customers will receive the discount upon renewal. Hybrid Tax Credit (bill): AB 838 would provide purchasers of hybrid vehicles a credit against net tax in an amount equal to a specified percentage of the amount paid as vehicle license fee (VLF) during the taxable year. The percentage of the credit would depend on emissions ratings. ZEV autos would receive 100 percent of the credit, PZEVs 90 percent, ATPZEVs 85 percent, and SULEVs 80 percent. ULEVs would also qualify if the vehicle obtained an EPA-raded 75 mpg or above (75 percent of the credit) or between 33 and 75 mpg (between 33 percent and 74 percent, accordingly). The bill was not passed in the 2005 legislative session. Hybrid Internet Sales (bill): AB 1223 would allow direct sales of hybrid vehicles from manufacturers to customers without having to go through a dealer. This bill failed to pass the Transportation Committee on 5/2/05. Santa Barbara County Incentives for Hybrids: Incentive funding ($1000) for up to ten (10) hybrid vehicles is available for Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District residents. Funding currently depleted. Contact--Irene Salazar Responsible agency--California Energy Commission. Program ended March 30, 2004 and is no longer in effect.

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    Hybrid Engineering: A New Chance for Less Contaminating Cars

    For a long time, there is a agitating demand for fuel-efficient automobiles that are gentle on the wallet and kind on our fast, harmful surroundings. The automobile industry answered to this need by setting in motion hybrid cars and these cars were soon proposed as cars of the future. There has been a lot of growth in hybrid car engineering but the dream of Hybrid Cars converting the automobile industry has not been accomplished yet. The big car mass-producing companies like Toyota, GM, Ford, and Honda are all reacting to the process and putting their best foot forth for better technology and market economy in hybrid cars. Sales Run Comparable To Progress in Hybrid Automotive Engineering Many cars are now equipped with electric power steering that brings .05% - 2% better gas mileage in cars like the Honda S2000 and Saturn Vue. As a consequence, there has been a boost in sales of these cars. In 2002, approximately 30,000 hybrid cars were sold in US. In 2003, there was a big jump with Toyota alone selling almost 100,000 Hybrid cars. Year 2004 saw a new energy from the customers for new generation hybrid cars. They were sold off nearly right away and got outstanding adoration. Hybrid Cars and the Related Industries The greater approval and operation of hybrid cars, and for that matter, any new technological creation is not conditional on the manufacturer by itself. The entire industry has to back the move and allow essential support for its success. The automobile industry is finally gearing up for a must support to the hybrid cars. Fuel cells are not very familiar these days, as they are very costly and replenishing them is a big job. By 2010, GM anticipates a lot to advance on the fuel cell aspect, which will be a positive movement for the hybrid cars. The oil change industry need not worry with the current trend of Hybrid cars. All hybrids have a DC motor and require oil to lube the motor and keep it cool. These motors become heated up fast. Basic Structure to Move Hybrid cars Because we will have many hybrid cars on the roads, we will be required to make completing plannings for them. GM is going over the setting and planning to construct Hydrogen fuel stations with Shell. The version of each gas station would cost about $400,000. There will be a bunch of opportunities, as these modifications will take place. The auto repair industry will have to prepare anew for the hybrid cars. We still believe Hybrid cars to be a field test product and believe them to have high operating costs. Even today, Hybrid cars are not considered to be in as big numbers as they were anticipated when they were inaugurated. The rewards of hybrid cars far outnumber and outweigh the troubles and should not let us neglect its eco-friendly nature, its fuel-efficient and oil-conserving qualities and an anticipation for an uncontaminated Earth.

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    Snow Tires – A Canadian Must Have

    A tire or tyre is a covering provided on the circumference of wheels of vehicles. The functions of tires is to dampen oscillations due to uneven surface of the road, to prevent wear and tear of the wheel, to provide a high friction bond between the vehicle and the road for proper acceleration and handling of the vehicle. They are usually made of synthetic rubber. Snow tires are special tires designed to run on snow, ice, wet roads, sleet, slippery roads and mud. They have better traction and handling properties. Snow tires differ from regular tires in the following ways: Hardness. They are made up of softer rubber, which heats up quicker. The softness and hardness of tire rubber depends upon the amount of carbon black in it. For summer tires, the amount of carbon black is more and for snow tires the amount of carbon black in the rubber is less. Rubber becomes brittle at lower temperatures hence summer tires are not suitable to be used in winters. Treading. The crown or the outer perimeter of tires has jagged pattern on it known as tread. The function of tread is to provide grip during rain or snow. The summer tires have smaller tread on them. The snow and mud tires have larger tread blocks on them hence they are noisier. Sipes. Sipes are small slits provided on the sides of tires to provide flexibility to tread blocks on the tyre. The function of sipes is to disperse water and snow. They improve traction by providing an additional biting edge to the tyre and are helpful on ice, snow, mud and sand. Grooves. Grooves are voids on the tires designed to facilitate dispelling of water or snow. Deeper grooves provide better handling and control of the vehicle in snow. Void Ratio. Void ratio is related to the amount of rubber coming in contact with the road. It is defined by the voids or open spaces on the tyre. A high void ratio accelerates the potentiality to drain water. For snow tires a high void ratio is required. Aquaplaning. One of the functions of tires is to remove water from the treads on wet roads. When the tire rotates, the treads push water into grooves and sipes, from where the water is pushed out. If the water does not go out properly then the vehicle slides which may cause accidents. This sliding of the tire on water is called aquaplaning. Hence the depth and pattern of treads is very important. Metal studs. Most snow tires have metal studs fabricated in the tread. This provides better grip on snow and ice. A place where the weather is extreme, the law makes it mandatory to use snow tires. However snow tires are extremely noisy and wear out fast on dry roads. Further, they wear out the road also. Markings on Snow Tires. The tires designed for Mud and snow are marked with M&S. the icon of mountain and snow flake designates that the tire meets snow testing standards of American Society for Testing and Materials. It mandates that snow tires should have a traction index of more than 110.

    Hybrid Cars – Cheap Transportation?

    Copyright 2006 Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp. Maybe you want to do your part for the environment. Perhaps, you want a more economical way to travel since gasoline prices are on the rise. Or, you may want to purchase a vehicle that rewards you with federal tax incentives. Regardless of your reason for purchasing a hybrid vehicle, you need to do research and make sure you get the most out of this financial investment. There are many websites which help consumers with the process of purchasing a hybrid vehicle. However, the research itself can still be overwhelming. Therefore, below are some important aspects you should consider. Review Review Review The cost to replace hybrid parts can be extremely expensive. Reviewing your options when considering these costs, can help you quickly eliminate some hybrids off your list. Check the Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and recalls. Go to and search for the vehicle you have in mind for more information. Warranties If you are purchasing a used hybrid or plan on owning the vehicle longer than the standard warranty, really think about spending the extra bucks on an extended warranty. Because hybrid vehicles are loaded with new technology, the cost to repair them is going to be extremely high. Not to mention the cost of the knowledgeable mechanic working on these vehicles. So, between repair and labor, it may be a wise decision to purchase the extended warranty and have a little peace of mind. Be sure to look into what the manufacturer offers. If you cannot afford to buy the extended warranty at the time of purchase, consider buying it before the standard warranty expires. Compare a Hybrid to a Conventional Car Model: 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid | 2006 Honda Civic Sedan Base Price MSRP: $22,150 | $14,760 Fuel Economy (Average between city and highway) Hybrid: 50 miles per gallon | Sedan:34 miles per gallon If you drive 15k miles annually, how many gallons of gas will you use? Hybrid: 300 gallons | Sedan: 441 gallons If the cost of gas is $2.75 a gallon, how much will you spend annually on gas? Hybrid: $825 | Sedan: $1,212 If you save $387 yearly on gas by driving the hybrid, how long will it take you to make up the difference of the MSRP between the Hybrid (including the $2,000 Federal rebate) and the Sedan? 14 years Is there a tax break for Hybrid owners? How much will I save? Yes, if you are a Honda Civic Hybrid owner, you will receive a $2,100 tax credit from the IRS. Buy That New Car and Control Your Budget Do you still think you need that new car? The chart above is a perfect example where you can buy that new car, get great gas mileage and maintain a budget. The extra money you could save every month for purchasing a conventional car would look great in your savings account. How about?…. Buy That New Car and Control Your Budget Do you still think you need that new car? The chart above is a good illustration of how much one would spend on either a conventional car versus a hybrid, plus the difference in gas mileage. It also shows how a budget will be affected by the purchase of a hybrid. The extra money you could save every month for purchasing a conventional car would look great in your savings account.

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    Hubcaps Or Wheel Covers, What’s In A Name?

    Cars and trucks built before about 1935 came on wire spoke wheels with small metal caps installed to seal the wheel hub on the axle. Those early "HUBcaps" were smaller than 3" in diameter, made of heavy gauge plated steel hammered onto the hub of the wheel. Their main function was to keep dirt out of the spindle nut and the wheel bearings. In the 1930s, automobiles transitioned from mere modes of transportation to statements of status and style. Hubcaps became more decorative than functional. The ‘dog dish’ style was born, chrome hemispheres 9 inches in diameter, covering the lug nuts and the center of the wheel. About the same time, wheel technology advanced and spoke wheels were replaced by wheels formed from stamped steel. In the ‘40s, Cadillac lead the pack in adding sparkling chrome by the acre: bumpers, grills, trim lines, window borders, hood ornaments, hood vents, headlights, running boards, etc. Increasing the size of the chrome hubcaps added reflective surface. By the ‘50s, hubcap diameters increased to the point they covered the entire steel wheel with chrome. Many of this period were flat rounds looking like chrome Frisbees, with little design differentiation. It was during this time the term ‘wheel cover’ came into use. Over the last 50 years, the terms ‘hubcaps’ and ‘wheel covers’ have become synonymous as the lightweight, full-diameter decorative coverings of standard steel wheels. One of the hallmarks of modern hubcaps is their interchangeability. Nearly any hubcap of the correct size will fit any standard steel wheel that will take a hubcap. This means that changing styles is very easy. We are not limited to those styles designed by our particular auto manufacturer. If you would like to read this article with pictures of classic cars that illustrate the examples given, go to

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    How Windshield Repair Works

    Just because you get a chip doesn’t mean you need to foot the cost of getting a new windshield. Why not do a windshield repair, which uses modern technology to quickly and efficiently repair the windshield, It’s a much more cost effective solution. Here’s how windshield repair works. If you think about it, you’ll agree that ordinary house glass is pretty amazing. It’s strong, clear, and really quite affordable. Its only real drawback is that it is brittle so when it breaks it can create dangerous shards, making it a poor choice for automobile glass. Plastic is safer, but it isn’t scratch resistant so it doesn’t remain clear enough for automobile glass. Auto manufacturers’ use tempered glass on the side windows which is much stronger than house glass and when it does break, it breaks into tiny little cubes that aren’t as dangerous as shards. They can still be sharp but they are far safer. But tempered glass doesn’t work for windshields. Because the windshield is constantly being hit with tiny pebbles, sand, gravel, and other road debris, tempered glass would have a very short life span. So manufacturers started using laminated glass years ago. Laminated glass is simply two thin sheets of tempered glass that are fused to a rubber inner layer. The two sheets are independent. What the rubber layer does is act like a sponge, absorbing the shock and reducing the chance of breakage from small particles like pebbles. If a rock hits the window hard enough you’ll land up with a stone chip, but it usually only breaks the outer layer of glass. If something really big hits the window and shatters both layers, the rubber membrane will stop the windshield from falling in your lap. Windshield repair works for the rock chips that have damaged the outer layer of the glass. Start by buying a windshield crack repair kit at Wal-Mart, Sears, Canadian Tire, Lordco or other department or auto stores. Once you’ve got your kit, dry the windshield to room temperature. Don’t bother trying to do the repair on a wet day unless you can park inside. Use a hair dryer to dry the window. This will pull the moisture out of the window so that the repair works. If the windshield is dirty, clean it using a harsh cleaner such as lighter fluid. This will remove any grime or film. The repair process is very straightforward. Peel the back of the adhesive strip and apply it to the pre-cleaned glass. Center it over the chip, then burnish with a blunt object. Peel away the remaining film. Line up the adapter so it’s as vertical as possible, and then stick it to the film. Again, burnish with a blunt object. Take the cap off the syringe and attach it to the adapter. Pull the syringe out as far as it goes. Hold this position for one minute to create a vacuum. While you are holding the vacuum the air in the crack begins to bubble up in the syringe while at the same time the adhesive seeps deep into the glass and chip. That’s it. Your chip is repaired. The adhesive is a type of resin that bonds with the chip and creates a seal, and thus a repair. You can also use the windshield repair kit on cracks. Once you’ve correctly done the repair, the glass will no longer spider and the damage won’t spread.

    Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

    How to Win More From the

    It may be for the excitement, it may be for a vacation but it is the dream of going home a big winner that keeps us going back to the casinos, but are there ways other then cheating that can help you take home more cash? The answer is yes. Believe it or not gambling at on online casino is a great way to gain experience so that you can win some big money in the casinos. May online casinos besides having games as low as 50 cents, also have practice rooms that are free. You are given some play money to make your bets, but no real money is exchanged. These practice rooms are available for most of the different casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. This is a great way to gain experience. Not only do you get to play, you also get the experience of playing against other people instead of a computer. This allows you to learn how to watch their betting habits to look for patterns. This may not be so important in a game like roulette or craps but in poker this is almost as important as the cards you are dealt. These patters are called tells. A tell is when someone gives away their hand by an involuntary action. Some common tells are the way players arrange their cards, or playing with their chips when they have a good hand, or rubbing their face when they are bluffing In a practice poker room you also get the experience of learning how to watch your money, without losing your shirt when you make a mistake, which will happen at first. On of the biggest problems with learning to gamble in a casino is that the dealer and the other players are not forgiving. By this I mean let’s say you are playing roulette, a first time player may not know that until all winnings are placed on the table you may not take your winnings. Getting a warning from the dealer the first time you play can be embarrassing and unnerving to a new player. So by playing in an online casino at first you will learn the rules, procedures and the etiquette for playing in a land based casino. If poker is your game it is a little different, most games depend on luck and all you really need to know if the basics, but poker is totally different because you are playing against other layers that know all this information already. when you feel confident enough then go to the casino and find the game you want to play and spend some time watching the other players. You want to find a table where all the players are less skilled then you. This will give you the edge, but make sure you watch carefully. Many times players will do things to make themselves look worse then they really are to give the other players a false confidence. Then as you see yourself getting better and better you can move up to higher stakes tables and against better players. Once you get confident and see your skills increase so will your bank account.

    Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

    How to Win at Multiplayer First Shooter Games

    The way most first player shooters score kills is simple to understand the harder it is to make the kill the more points you get. This means that if you kill someone with a knife you will get more points then someone using a chain gun, but running around with just your knife out is a big gamble unless you are extremely skilled at the game. This method of play will usually just make you the biggest loser. One way to get a good score is to take a long range weapon like a sniper rifle and camp out near the enemy camps spawn point. By doing this every time someone on the opposing team gets killed they will instantly revert back to the spawn point and you can shoot them, then they will disappear and then reappear and you can shoot them again. You get fewer points like this, but it is the same principal as playing roulette in the casinos, it is easier to get many smaller wins, rather then one big win. When using this method try to pick your location using your head and do not just take a gamble on your sniping spot. You will want to have the advantage of height, but sometimes if you can get a good shot and be in a lower location it may be the last place someone looks for you. Many of the newer first player games allow the sun to be used as it would in real life. So going up a hill and having the sun at your back will give you a natural advantage in the game, and allow you to snipe from the same spot for a longer time before someone finds and kills you. Another way to get a higher score is to work as a team with other players. Most people playing a First Player Shooter are playing alone with the goal of running around and killing everything that moves, but if you and some friends are playing you can use each other as in real combat. Now that you have other people watching your back as a unit you can be a more effective killer in the game, an example of this is that in some of the delta force games you can take a helicopter and if your friend is flying it you and another friend can man the chain guns and you can cover a bigger area, and deciding on a plan before starting the game you can develop a good strategy as a professional gambler or Online Poker player would allowing you to focus on 1 thing instead of many different aspects of the game. Many times I would jump into the pilots chair and other players would jump in and I would circle the enemy camp but the players in the back of my chopper would not attack instead they would jump out or just wait for me to land instead of helping me attack from the air. So instead of increasing our chances of winning by working together they just wanted to be a team of 1. This will decrease the chances of our team winning the game, just like a player at a blackjack table can make all the other players lose by making bad decisions when it is that players turn. Formulating a good strategy, playing as a team and using all available tools at your disposal you can not only win more games and get more points, you will also have a better online gaming experience, and this applies to playing first person shooter games and gambling in online casinos.

    Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

    How to Watch the SuperBowl

    On February 4th hundreds of thousands of Football fans will be gathering around their televisions to view the SuperBowl, but what are the essentials to maximizing your SuperBowl watching experience The teams may not have been decided yet, but it is not like it really matters, no matter who plays most eyes will be glued to the game. With the exception of the fans of those teams that are playing most people who watch the SuperBowl are just hoping for a good game. One thing people like to do to make the game more interesting is an office football pool. This is when everyone throws money into a pot and you get a box latter numbers are randomly put in each box, then at the end of each quarter the score is checked and whoever is on the box that corresponds with the current score wins some money, and who ever has the score at the end of the game gets the majority of the money. Another thing the more hardcore gamblers like to do is to place a bet at one of the many online sportsbooks. If this is hat you are into I recommend you go to several sportsbooks before placing your bets, different sites will offer different odds. Make sure to only place your bets on the SuperBowl with the bookie who offers you the best odds. Besides betting on the game there are many things you can do to make the game more enjoyable. The people you watch the game with effect the enjoy ability of the game. If some of the people you watch the SuperBowl with do not like football or understand the game they are not going to get into the game and they may want to talk and be a disturbance to those who want to watch the game undisturbed. The 2 most important things you need to watch the SuperBowl are food and beverages. SuperBowl party’s can be very wild and result in many people calling out of work the next day, because of being hung over or sick from bad food. Make sure whatever types of foods you offer the foods were not prepared in a rush. If you are planning to order food to be delivered you may want to rethink your plan. One of the busiest nights of the year for a take out restaurant is SuperBowl Sunday, and in a rush to get all the orders delivered on time sometimes food can be undercooked, so you may want to either keep it simple like pizza or make your own food. Beverages can be a bigger problem then the food. Most men will usually drink some beer while watching the game, but unless each person brings their own beer you risk running into someone who does not like the selection you have provided, also because the game is on a Sunday people may want to stay sober, because of work the next day. So make sure to have a good selection of beer, hard liquor and non alcoholic soft drinks. You can always ask you friends when you invite them for the game what they like to drink, then assuming no one picks something so out of the ordinary you should be able to find an acceptable mix of drinks for everyone. As for Snacks I recommend a large selection or the basics chips, pretzels and maybe popcorn or even peanuts. Hopefully this will help you to have a better time watching the SuperBowl, and throw a great party at the same time.


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