Adjusting The Headlights Of Your Car

Those are simply the headlights of your car. It is actually a lamp. And just by the name itself, it is located in the head or the front end of your vehicle. Of course, these have been mounted there not just for aesthetic purposes but also for functional purposes

A Peep At The 2007 Nissan Quest

Manufactured by Nissan, the 2007 Nissan Quest is another vehicle to look forward to.

Honda Fit: Made To Fit Lifestyles

The Honda Fit has already been making its rounds in Europe and Asia. And,.

Types Of Scooters – Know The Importance Of Electric Scooters

The various types of scooters, hitherto, available in the market are widely accepted mode of transportation that offers smooth.

Jaguar XK: Powerfully Elegant

Got $74,385? No. Not to buy a new set of XJS Jaguar parts. $74,385 would be so,,,.

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Lifestyles of import tuner enthusiasts

Fast cars, fast women, and fast money? You must be thinking of Hot Import Nights, the constantly-on-tour event with chromed-out rides and non-stop hip-hop that’s more interested in showing skin than sheetmetal. And for a whole bunch of people, it pretty much stops there. It’s a safe bet that a good three-quarters of the customized cars roaming the streets are of the all-show-and-no-go kind, most commonly a hopped-up economy car with wheels that scrape its fenders meant to give off the image of speed. Luckily, there’s a select minority that actually prides themselves on their ability to make Import Car more interesting in any number of ways – many of whom have high technical proficiency, take the hobby seriously, and hate being grouped with the former camp. First, there are events in which anyone can participate but where nimble-handling Import Car do best, such as Autocross. Usually held on Sundays (not for free), anyone is welcome to take their best shot at running what they brung through a maze of orange cones and compete for the best times. Compact Honda Import Car arrive in droves at these things. Obviously, some also race face-to-face. Obviously, no one could get away with the giant organized illegal metropolitan street races you see in movies, and less emphasis is put on drag races (that’s more of an American muscle car thing) but competitions do go on at racetracks and spontaneous challenges happen on the street all the time. But the import scene itself also seems to be inventing new events. After all, the culture, like the majority of the cars themselves, came from Japan, and some of it is spilling over. The most recent and widespread of them all is drifting, a subjectively-judged competition event where drivers compete to see who can boot their car sideways around a track in the most interesting manner. Entire sets of tires easily go bald in a day, and the amount of power isn’t nearly as important as the linearity and controllability. Anyone without a cheap, light, stick-shifted rear-wheel-drive car is toast, and the talent of certain makes and models really springs to the surface. Those of you who’ve been getting ridiculously large offers for that 1986 Toyota Corolla hatchback rusting away in your driveway now know why. Helping to expand the popularity is an entire anime series dedicated to the sport called Initial D, obviously popular with the younger set. Much higher exposure will soon come in the second sequel to that lucrative B-movie The Fast and the Furious, this time titled Tokyo Drift and set for a summer 2006 release.

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Life Advice: Looking Through a Window

Living in today's metropolitan world of cellular phones, mobile computers and other high-tech gadgets is not just hectic but very impersonal. We make money and then invest our time and effort in making more money. Does it end? Not usually because we are never satisfied. How many times have we convinced ourselves that if only we had some more money, life would be so sweet? But then, after receiving a substantial raise, we realize that it wasn't enough and that we need more? What Should You Do? I have read many books on life such as Robin Sharma's Monk says this and the monk says that, and they all seem to say that money is not necessary. But it is. Can you do without cash and a lot of it? I know I can't. So, I went to the neighbourhood Rabbi and asked for advice that will help me find my true way in life. The rabbi nodded and took me to the window. "What do you see?" he asked me. Promptly, I answered, "I can see people walking to and fro and a blind man is begging for alms at the left corner." The Rabbi nodded and guided me to a big mirror. "Now look and tell me what you see?" "I can see myself," I man answered. The Rabbi smiled. "Now you can't see anyone else. The mirror and the window are both created from the same raw material: glass, but because on one of them they have applied a thin layer of silver, when you look at it all you can see is your own reflection." The Rabbi placed his arm on my shoulders. "Compare yourself to those two pieces of glass. Without the silver layer, you saw the other people and felt compassion for them. When you are covered with silver, you see only yourself." I looked at the Rabbi and stared. "I don't understand." The Rabbi continued. "You will become someone only if have the courage to remove the silver covering over your eyes in order to again see and love others." He patted me on my back and sent me on my way. I have thought of what he said and come to the conclusion that he had a point. Yes. We need money and we should not aim to lead a moneyless existence; its pointless and will only cause us and our families many heartbreaks in the future. Instead, I suggest that we should follow the advice the Rabbi gave me. When we approach life through a silver covering, all we are able to see is ourselves. But discard that covering, and you will be able to see and feel everyone else. Conclusion: In life, we are allowed to and should be able to look at both kinds of mirrors, but we should remember that a mirror reflects only us; a window is the door to compassion, health and true wealth. In other words, seek wealth by all means, but don't let it dissuade you from life, people, children and the poor and needy.

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Life Advice: A Lost Friend Speaks

When my friend sensed that in a few weeks the light of life was about to be extinguished, and that there was no more hope for him, he called me to his side and said, "If only I had lived my life differently, I might not have felt such an emptiness now. Promise me," he caught my hand, "Promise me that you won't make the same mistake." And when I asked him what mistakes, he asked me to get a pen and paper and to jot down his last words. Here they are in condensed form: 1) Talk less; listen more. 2) Listen to your grandfather's stories about his youth. When he's gone, you will relive the bond through these memories. 3) Invite friend over for a snack or dinner even if the house is a mess. 4) Eat popcorn in the living room even though its messy. 5) Invite the friends who have children home. Don't worry about their children creating a mess. 6) Sit on the grass even though it dirties your pants. 7) Never buy something just because it lasts for a long time or because it is practical. 8) Stay in bed and at home when sick and stop pretending that the world cannot go one without me for a day. 9) Light up the wonderfully crafted candles and let them burn out. Better this than they accumulate dust in the closet. 10) Share life's responsibilities with a partner, not only expenses. 11) (Meant for Women) Instead of waiting for the pregnancy to get over, cherish each moment in your heart. Understand that the life in you is the only chance you will get to help god create magic. 12) Let your children hug and kiss you whenever they wish to. Don't stop them by saying things like: later, go wash your hands first, we have to eat dinner. 13) Say the following two phrases as often as possible: "I love you" and "I am sorry." 14) Stop worrying about who loves or and who doesn't or about what others have or don't have. 15) Cherish all personal human relations. 16) Play with a pet every day. Laugh and run with it and take part in all its antics. 17) Spend more time with the people who love you. 18) Stop sweating because of all the small details and problems of life. 19) Grab every moment, look at it and live it. That moment will never return again. Her name was Susan, and she had one six year old daughter. Susan taught me these few basic ideals that I have tried to follow in honour of her memory. It has made me a better man, a much nicer husband and in general, a happier person. Even now I can hear her say that God has blessed each and every one of us, and that we should accept these blessings and strive to become stronger both physically, mentally and also emotionally. I will always remember what she said to me the last time we met: "Jack, you are lucky. Don't blow it."

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LED Emergency Flashlights: The Right Equipment For A Car Emergency

The news reported this past year on several families and adventurers setting out for a camping or hiking trip in the northwest only to find themselves lost in the strange wilderness, confined to their cars waiting and hoping that someone will find them. The loss of CNET’s James Kim brought awareness to the ease at which people can get lost while driving through the forest as well as the need to be prepared for any situation when driving in unfamiliar areas. It is important to have a few basic emergency supplies in your car as part of an emergency kit. Cell phones are by far the most helpful piece of equipment to have with you when you travel, even if going to remote areas. But cell phone batteries are unreliable and many still don’t take one with them when heading into the great outdoors. Having other supplies with you in the car can make all the difference in staying alive and staying safe. There are many commercial and basic emergency kits available. Most of these preset packs include jumper cables, reflectors and some miscellaneous tools. Higher end models may also include some type of emergency air pump that you can plug into your car’s power outlet and pump air into a flat tire. Some also come with first aid kits. Weather and climate in your area or the area you are traveling may help guide you with putting together other items you may need in your emergency kit. A shovel can come in very handy to get your car out of snow or mud. Some traction substance is also important for such situations. Kitty litter is one of the most popular types of traction. You may also be able to carry some remnant carpet strips or sand. One very important component of a car or truck’s emergency kit is a light source. While a decent flashlight might be included in the kit you bought, you might want to look at investing in a longer-lasting, more reliable light. LED flashlights are known for being the best light source for emergency situations. LED lights come in various sizes and features, including emergency beacons and flashing lights. If you have room a LED headlamp may be a good addition for hands-free light should you need to change a tire or signal for help. Preserving battery power in your car is pretty important. Some people may want to add a spare radio to their kit. There are radios on the market that do not take batteries. Instead you crank a handle on the side to charge it. A good quality blanket is going to be very important in extremely cold weather because it is unwise to keep the car running while you wait for help. Also include a small supply of food and water. No one expects to be caught in an emergency situation while traveling. Being prepared none the less is important to you and your family’s safety. Before going on your next family camping trip, hiking adventure or trip to see the relatives, put together an emergency kit with the items described above. Consider your specific travel situation and potential needs and add accordingly. This important item could make all the difference. ~ Ben Anton, 2008

Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Learning To Back Up A Vehicle Safely For The Beginner And Inexperienced Driver

Backing up your vehicle can be quite simple, once you get the technique down pat, like anything else. It should be a lot easier than going forward. There is a huge difference in speed, than maneuvering the vehicle forward. Keep in mind. The faster your speed is, the faster you have to process information. That said. Driving backwards should be a lot easier than going forward, because you should be going a lot slower. Now if you’re speeding going backwards, the opposite is true. Right? When backing up a vehicle, always look in the direction that you are backing. When your maneuvering the vehicle to the left, look left. When you’re maneuvering the vehicle to the right, look right. When you’re driving straight back always look over you’re right shoulder. Always glance over the opposite shoulder first, before you proceed to back up. So if you’re backing and looking right, you should be glancing left first, before you start to roll backwards. Backing to the left, glance over right shoulder first. Always recheck you’re blind spot again, if you take more time, before you roll back. There are a few things that you have to do first, depending on the size of the vehicle. You may have to honk your horn to worn pedestrians and other vehicles. One important thing you must do is looking around before you back up. The other important thing you must do is look where your backing at all times. The only reason to glance forward is to make sure your front end clears the vehicle, hazard, or pedestrian beside your car if you intend on turning the vehicle. Did you notice I used the word glance? It’s pretty easy. Driving forward, you look forward, driving backwards; you look backwards until your vehicle comes to a complete stop. Everything else is just a glance. When you must back up, only go back far enough necessary to drive forward, especially if you’re view is limited. Putting it in simpler terms. If you’re vehicle has enough clearance to move forward. Stop and proceed forward. Do not guess. Move back more if your not sure. When you’re not sure which way your vehicle wheels are turned. With your foot on the brake pedal and the gearshift in drive or reverse, depending on direction, release up on the brake pedal slowly and look and see which direction your vehicle is heading, and correct accordingly. Let’s take a quick lesson on backing up. May I suggest you find a vacant parking lot like a mall or a school when it is closed? Make sure you get out of the car and look around for kids playing first. (Do not attempt this maneuver without an experienced driver sitting next to you or kids playing in the area.) With your foot covering the brake, slowly release the brake until the vehicle starts rolling. Keep your foot above the brake only to move it to the accelerator to get the vehicle in motion moving your foot back over the brake to keep the car from getting out of control. It’s called covering the brake. Looking in the direction you want to go, place your hand at the twelve o’clock position, practice turning the vehicle from side to side bringing it back to straight position and holding it straight for awhile. Stop after approximately the length of a football field and do the same thing going forward. The reason I would like you to do the same exercise going forward is that soon you will realize turning the wheel going forward is the same as turning the wheel going backwards. Once you turn the wheel right or left. Bringing the vehicle back to straight position will require you to straighten the wheel once the vehicle is straight again. Repeat the maneuver going backwards until you arrive at the approximate point that you started. Also practice turning the vehicle on a bigger degree of a turn when you get a little more confident. Be certain that you are covering the brake pedal at all times. Slowly backing up to your ability only. Also practice backing up between the lines of parking stalls. Do this a few times or a couple of times a week and you will master the art of backing up safely. Your knowledge on backing up is equally as important as driving forward. Just remember that doing it safely is the most important part of backing up. In other words, looking around before rolling back and looking where you’re backing. Do not roll back looking forward. Do you look back when you are driving forward? . Lets talk about the blind spot. Position your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel and look straight ahead. You should be able to see out your back window and your side mirrors. Those mirrors are good for viewing traffic coming up behind you. Your blind spot is situated over your shoulders on the backside of your passengers back windows. By glancing in that direction, you will be able to see a vehicle coming along side of you, that you cannot see with your mirrors. Including traffic or pedestrians approaching from the opposite side of the roadway, or parking lots and intersections. When you want a better understanding of the blind spot. Have a friend or family member stand directly along side the back corner of you’re vehicle, and have them side-step away from your vehicle, and looking in you’re side and rear view mirror until they are not visible, then glance over you’re shoulder. That would be you’re blind spot. Driving safely is almost impossible without the understanding of your blind spot. All it takes is a quick glance, and if you think you saw something, glance again, before you turn the vehicle wheel, and or move in that direction. Do not turn the wheel at the same time your checking. It defeats the purpose of checking to see if it’s safe. I like to use the word glance, especially if you’re moving the vehicle. When you’re not moving forward or backwards, take a good look around before you roll. It is important to look in the direction you’re going. For further information on driving techniques, please find a recognized driving school nearest you.

Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Learn About Towing Services And Roadside Assistance

When you purchase a new car you may get a roadside assistance package included but if you have a used car you typically won’t have roadside assistance and the benefits it provides, such as towing services. Not to worry, there are many companies offering memberships that will give you peace of mind. Parts do wear out over time. That’s why one of the biggest concerns a driver has is the fear of a breakdown that will require towing. As we all know these events always occur at the most inopportune time or when we don’t have the extra cash to cover a towing bill. By becoming a member of one of the many auto clubs that offer services, you’ll have peace of mind that when disaster strikes you’ll be covered. AAA, or American Automobile Association, has divisions throughout all of North America. For a nominal yearly fee you’ll be provided with all kinds of services for you and your vehicle. You’ll have full roadside assistance. Whether you run out of gas, lock your keys in the car, get a flat tire, or break down, you’ll be covered. Planning a trip? If you need maps AAA will provide them. And if you’re thinking about taking a vacation to a sunny tropical destination, AAA has full travel services and can offer you some great prices. Good Sam is another auto and RV club that offers excellent services to its members. It’s a camping club, motor home club, and RV club all combined into one. For under $80 a year you get a full year of roadside assistance for your RV, and all the cars, vans, and trucks in your household. You get a full year of emergency towing services, lockout services, and trip interruption services as well as emergency medical referral services. Drivershield costs under $70 a year and offers a 24 hour toll free hotline for emergency towing, roadside assistance, and locksmith. It also offers a lifetime collision repair warranty that’s good from coast to coast as well as 50% off at thousands of motels, hotels, and dining locations across the country. If you ride motorcycle and want the same type of protection for your bike as you have for your car, Bros Club Cycle Services is worth exploring. For less than $100 you will get a two year membership which will give you 24 hour a day 365 day a year emergency roadside protection, which includes a network of more than 40,000 flat bed service providers across the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. You’ll get towing services, flat tire assistance, dead battery assistance, and you can even purchase your motorcycle insurance at a discount. You also get some great discounts at motels, hotels, dining locations, and parts providers. It’s a given. At some point in your travels you are going to require towing services. So why not consider a membership in one of the many national auto club programs that will give you peace of mind?

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Lawn Tractors Can Be Versatile And Agile

Now that you've moved to the countryside, you find yourself with new challenges. For example, your new home probably has more grass than you're used to-possibly more than you've ever seen. Not only that, but the job of taking care of it is all yours. When you now have three, four or even five acres, the walk-behind mower that used to do a fine job on your smaller suburban lot just isn't going to cut it. In searching for a solution to this challenge, a growing number of rural homeowners have turned to a tool that lawn maintenance professionals have used for years: the highly maneuverable, highly productive zero-turn-radius mower. That's why they're the single fastest-growing equipment segment in the outdoor power equipment industry. Many homeowners see the zero-turn as a fast and fun way to mow large lawns. They've seen contractors use these machines and they say "I want to mow like the pros." What most homeowner customers don't realize, though, is there are significant differences between the commercial zero-turn mowers they see the pros run and the residential zero-turn machines priced for their budgets. While large commercial models offer a lot of stability on hillsides, smaller residential mowers are more susceptible to drifting downhill when on an incline. That means you have to make slight corrections to keep the mower on a straight line-the first time you experience that drifting sensation it can be more than a little disconcerting. In addition, the purchase of a zero-turn mower is an investment in a pure mowing machine. However, if you've chosen to live out in the country, chances are you'll have a lot more chores than simply mowing your lawn. If you want one machine that offers you the flexibility to blow snow, do blade work, pull a utility cart, or perform a variety of other tasks, then a lawn tractor or garden tractor is going to be a far better option. Thanks to innovative design and engineering from John Deere, you don't have to sacrifice the agility and maneuverability of a zero-turn mower for the flexibility and multipurpose functionality of a lawn tractor. You can find four-wheel steer on several models of Select Series Tractors. These machines have been designed and built to perform a variety of light- and heavy-duty tasks for customers who have larger properties of up to seven acres with more landscape features and challenging terrain. These tractors come in a range of 17 to 27 horsepower, both air- and liquid-cooled engines, depending on the model. Other features include: • A unique combination of engine features and an exclusive hood design to deliver greater lugging ability and longer engine life. • Mower decks that provide a high-quality cut over a range of cutting heights. The Edge™ Mulch deck is fitted with unique removable gates that allow the operator to mow even if the grass has grown to a longer-than-normal cut height. Wide-gauge wheels provide improved functionality on rough ground and a four-point mount is more resilient to abuse and tough terrain. • The John Deere Heavy Duty CargO™ Mount, Quick Hitch and Click-N-Go systems to accommodate a wide range of heavy-duty attachments.

Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Laughter: Use It to Pick Up Women

Humour, some say, is the fruit of life, and this is especially true when it comes to picking up on a girl no matter where the location. Make them laugh, and I guarantee, that you are very close to getting their phone number and even to getting them to go out with you. But, as we all know, making them laugh, is easier said than done. Precisely for those who find it difficult to come up with something funny to say, I am adding some funny anecdotes and wise cracks that you can memorize and then use in those situations where you need to get the girl in front of you to laugh. 1) The Prescription: Did you hear of the lady, who walked into the pharmacist and asked for arsenic? The man behind the counter asked in wonder, "What do you need that for? The lady calmly replied," to kill my husband." The pharmacist was taken aback," Are you crazy? Do you want to get us both into jail? And, anyway, why do you want to kill him? Go to a counselor. Get help for your marriage." The lady paused and from her purse she removed a set of pictures of her husband and the wife of the pharmacist in some very creative postures. The pharmacist looked at the snaps, put them down and smiled," lady, why did you not tell me that you have a prescription?" 2) The Tip Book A wife calls out to her husband, "Have you seen the book, 101 Tips to Live for More Than a Hundred Years? The husband sheepishly replies, "I burnt it." "What?" the wife shouted out," why?" The husband whispered back," Because your mother wanted to read it." 3) Range of Food Looking at his wife fry meat balls in all kinds of shapes and sizes, Tom tapped her on the shoulder, "Why?" His wife turned," Because you asked for a variety of food." 4) Mushrooms Tom was picking mushrooms from the forest floor with his wife, when she picked up one and showed it to Tom," Is this for eating?" Tom smiled," Yes. As long as you do not cook it." 5) Driving Around Tom greeted his wife when she returned home," So, my dear, how was your first time driving all alone?" His wife smiled coyly, "Do you want to hear it from me or read about it in the papers? 6) Drama A couple are watching a film in their local theater when the wife snuggles close to her husband and points to the screen," Do you think that they will get married in the end?" The husband sighs," Yes. These movies always have bad endings." 7) The Library Tom visited the local library, walks up to the librarian and asks, "Do you know where I can find the book, the Supremacy of Men over Women?" The librarian conducts a short search on the computer and looks up," you will be able to find it in the science fiction." Conclusion: While some of these might sound offensive, if you use them well you will be able to display not just a sense of humour, but also that you are exactly the opposite of the stereotype. How? Immediately, after you done, lean over and whisper, But I am not like that, and if you allow me to take you out, you will see that for yourself.

Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Laughing at the Indian Cricket Team

Indian cricket is headed for a disastrous World Cup and only those who wish to bury their head in the sand can think that they will do well there. The pitches in West Indies are fast and the players (who anyway have a tough time on such pitches) will succumb easily. They will advance (I truly hope so) to the next round by beating the weak teams but they will lose once again to the strong ones and they will find ourselves out and forgotten very soon. So instead of feeling sad, the only thing left for the fans to do is to joke about them. So here goes! The story goes that there was a couple married for quite some time and they had a boy of 5-6 years old. Their relationship was turning sour. So finally it reached such a stage that they thought it was better for them to be divorced than to carry on such a relationship. So they consulted a lawyer. But the big question was who would have the kid. In the hearing in the court it was decided that this choice should be left to their son. So the judge asked "Son, would you like to stay with your mummy?" The kid replied," No, mummy beats me." So the judge asked "Then, would you like to stay with your papa?" The kid replied, "No, papa beats me too." Now the judge was in a dilemma and was not able to decide what to do. After pondering for some time he smiled with the ideas he had in his mind about the child. And he gave the judgment that the kid would stay with Any guesses? Come on I know you can guess this. Ok here is the decision: The judge decided that the kid would stay with the Indian Cricket Team because they never beat anybody. And here are some one liners to pipe up your day: Why do Indian babies cry and complain all the time? They are practicing how to become Indian cricketers when they grow up. What is an handcuffed Indian Cricketer called? A cricketer you can trust. What are the four words that will destroy any Indian batsman? Did you bat today? Why doesnt the crowd blink when Tendulkar goes out to bat? There just is no time until he gets out again. What is the difference between an Indian batsman and an Australian one? 100 runs. What is the difference between batteries and Indian cricketers? Batteries have a positive side. How do you force Indian cricketers to run between wickets? You place food on either end. Yes, I know that some of these jokes are really putting the Indian team down but considering their recent form (excluding the recent two victories against West Indies which I think is more of a fluke than anything else), I felt that I could say such things. I cannot understand how such players such as Ganguly, Tendulkar, Dravid and the rest can let the fans down time and again. Sometimes it seems that they are not really interested in playing and that they gamble away their wicket easily. If that is the case then they should leave and let other more able and willing youngsters take a shot. They will not fare much worse in any case. What will they do? Lose. They lose anyway and to any cricket playing nation in the world!

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Las Vegas: Top Three Land

Las Vegas is synonymous with casino playing and sports betting. While the desert blooms on its outskirts, the lights of this betting mecca signal all who enter that this is not any other vacationionl spot. Who does not recognize the big neon cowboy called Vegas Vic waving to all visitors: "Come In Come In" at the entrance to the Pioneer Club. But, let us suppose you have decided to go to Vegas and have no idea which casinos to go to play. There are so many that you might just go to the nearest one and miss out on some real and true excitement. That is why you must read this article. Why Do you Want to Go to a Casino? Interested in the spectacular sights? These are the top three not to miss: 1) The Venetian Why go to Venice if you can take a gondola ride through street just like you would in Venice? This is a definate MUST and especially so if you are going with a mate. For singles, this is still a great experience because the place is huge and the ride entertaining. 2) Paris Similar in theme to the Venetian, this casino makes you feel like you have visited Paris in France with the imposing Eiffel Tower looming down on you from above, you can even take a fast-moving ride and wizz through and by the towers and other spectacular palaces and gardens. 3) The Bellagio No waterfall or water fountain I have seen is as spectacular and coloruful like the one sported at the Bellagio. Starting with blue and then changing from an orange to a fiery crimson tinge, I felt that the water has caught fire and I was witnessing something I had only read about: instant combustion. More interested in playing a casino game than in sightseeing? Pick one of these three: 1) Excalibur This is one of the most busiest corners of the entire globe. Their casino is the largest you will ever see and it addition it is not just a casino. Its designed in a medieval manor or palace kind of theme that makes you feel as if you have been jutted back in time. The tables are also easy to get a seat and the dealers are fair. Yes. The Excalibur is a great place to play your favourite casino games. 2) The Luxor Why not enter ancient Egypt and place your bet as the age-old pharaohs look on? The casino hall at the Luxor is designed as the interior of the Great Pyramid in Egypt (actually it’s a lot better than the orignial one) and the betting floor is vast and encompassing of all games such as poker, craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and a large number of electronic slot machines. 3) The Hilton Casino Lounge Amazing but true. The Hilton casino lounge supplies the best odds for sports and casino bets. Maybe it’s the fact that this is not one of the better known casinos in Las Vegas, or maybe its because its name is not synonymous with gambling, but in any case, if you are interested in pure card or slot gaming, this is the casino to go to. Conclusion: Las Vegas is one of the best locations for entertainment in the world and you can find all kinds of shows and theme parks there so you will not get bored no matter what you like. Relax, or take an active part in your trip. Learn more about casinos at because you will definitely enjoy your stay at Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas: Top 5 Poker Rooms in Las Vegas

If you want to experience live poker action at the gambling Mecca of the world, here is a guide to the top poker rooms in Las Vegas. You can read here updated info on each of the recommended Las Vegas poker rooms including their game variety, limits and tournaments. 1) Bellagio Casino and Hotel If you want to experience Las Vegas poker action and hang out with pros, the Bellagio is the casino for you. It is one of the classiest poker rooms available in Las Vegas. It is so popular that you might find yourself spending over an hour at the waiting list and then find yourself stuck with a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs. The games offered are Texas Holdem, Omaha and stud games, and you can also join one of the tournaments, but note that this involves playing No Limit Holdem. As for the table limits for the regular games, these are as follows: a) Limit Holdem: 4/8, 8/16, 15/30, 30/60, 60/120, 75/150 dollars and up. b) No Limit Holdem: 200 dollars buy ins with 2/5 dollars blinds. c) Omaha: 6/12, 15/30, 20/40, 30/60, 50/100 dollars and up. d) Stud Poker: 1/5, 4/8, 8/16, 30/60, 75/150 dollars and up. 2) Mirage Las Vegas If you are tired of waiting for a table at Bellagio, the poker rooms at the Mirage can be an acceptable alternative. It resembles Bellagio's with its luxurious atmosphere, variety of games and its huge popularity among pros as well as tourists. The games offered are Texas Holdem and Omaha, Stud and as the Bellagio, playing in a tournament means getting involved with No Limit Texas Holdem. As for the limits of each table in a regular game, they are: a) Limit Holdem: 3/6, 6/12, 10/20, 20/40, 40/80 dollars. b) No Limit Holdem: between 100 and 500 dollars buy ins with 2/5 dollars blinds. c) Omaha: 5/10 dollars. d) Stud Poker: 1/5, 5/10. 3) Excalibur Las Vegas If you want to play in a less stressful environment, check out the poker room at the Excalibur casino. You can play spread limit Holdem with the lowest limits available on the Strip and enjoy beginners friendly rules such as limitation on three raises. The room has been renovated recently and the poker tables and seats are very comfortable. At the Excalibur, you can play Texas Holdem or 7 Card Stud, and the limits are slightly lower: a) Limit Holdem: 1/3, 2/6 dollars. b) No Limit Holdem: 100 dollars buy ins with 1/3 dollars blinds. c) 7 Card Stud: 1/5 dollars and up. 4) Binions' Horseshoe Hotel and Casino If you want to play at the same room where the first WSOP took place, you must visit Binions' poker room. Although the casino has been renovated and went through many changes since the days of Nick the Greek, the ghosts of the past still haunt the place, but in a good way. Here too you can play Texas Holdem, No Limit Holdem in their own tournament, Omaha and Stud games for the following limits: a) Limit Holdem: 2/4, 4/8, 10/20 dollars. b) No Limit Holdem: 100 dollars minimum buy ins with 1/2 dollars blinds. c) Omaha: 4/8 dollars. d) Stud Poker: 1/5. 5) Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino If you want to follow in the steps of the 2006 WSOP champions, check out the Rio poker room. You might be surprised from the size and the small variety of games, but the thought of sharing the same location with contemporary gaming legends adds a certain appeal to it. Other than taking part in the tournament where you can participate in some No Limit Holdem, you can pick from Texas Holdem, 7 Card Stud, Omaha or a few other variations according to what players request. The limits are as follows: a) Limit Holdem: 2/4, 3/6, 4/8 dollars. b) No Limit Holdem: 100 dollars minimum buy ins with 2/5 dollars blinds.

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Las Vegas: How to Have Non Related Fun

Last month, my wife, Anne Doe, took me to Las Vegas because she had to go for a business convention. Needless to say, she writes for an guide to casinos and I hate gambling. But then, she likes it and this supports us too, so I went along without any hassle. At first I was depressed, but then as I asked around and looked around, I ended up having more fun in Las Vegas than I would have thought. And no. I did not enter a single casino while I was there. Entertainment: One of the greatest things about Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City (but especially Las Vegas) is the number of shows that are available. You can get to watch top class comedians like Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, Tim Allen and even the likes of Bill Cosby and Chris Rock. If you are into music you can watch female singers like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Beyonc?, male performers like Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Snoopy Dog and bands like Oasis and Bon Jovi. I could go on and on but the list is endless. If you are into magic you can watch magicians like David Copperfield do their thing meters from you. Whatever you like, you can find it here from Western music to oldies to Jazz, Rock, Heavy Mettle to Trance. All you have to do is look at the itenary offered during your visit. Food: Chinese to Japanese to Korean to Jewish and even Vegetarian and proper meat eating establishments await your every delight in Vegas. Do not opt for the cheap and oily fried dishes served for free while you play. Stop a while and take in the delightful scenery and smells of East Asian or European dishes. What is wondrous is that you get to see man's ability to mix. A real melting pot if I may say so myself. But is that all what casino cities like Las Vegas are about? Do you have to remain in the city to really and truly enjoy your stay? No. Here are some of the better attractions you must see on your visit to Vegas: Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon: Book yourself a seat on any of the many sightseeing tours available and go and watch the architectural marvel that is Hoover Dam built over the Grand canyon which is also a grand sight to see by itself. Black Canyon is another must see as is Lake Mead which is so beautiful just because it is a body of water all surrounded by desert-like nature. Colorado River: While looking at the Dam and Canyon is from above, to see the true beauty of the river, you have to go down. The Colorado river is excellent for river-rafting and water sports, but you do not have to take part if it is not your thing. Instead just sit back and enjoy another of nature's marvels. Bonnie Springs: Who can not resist going to one of the old towns like those in the Western gun slinging movies? Your destination needs to be Old Nevada. There you can delight in an old western town right in the middle of Red Rock Canyon. They host western shootouts too so come prepared, partner! Conclusion: I could go on and on about other attractions like the theme park in Circus Circus, the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary, the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve and Mt. Charleston but I think you get the picture. In Las Vegas and hate gambling? Do not despair. Just go out and have some clean un-gambling fun.

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Las Vegas: How to Ensure Your Vacation is Full of Adventure and Kicks

Las Vegas was for a long time the adults playground. Las Vegas was and is the gambling and drinking capitol of the world, and it was just about as Wild West as you could get in the twentieth century. But in the last 20 years Las Vegas has changed into a large amusement park for the whole family. There is such a wide variety of things to do inside and outside of Las Vegas apart from gambling, that it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to see some of the beautiful sites around the area. 1) Think location. A hotel that is located directly on the strip will end up being much higher in price than a hotel just off the strip. Really, glamour is nice, but saving a couple of extra hundred dollars in the long run will allow you the opportunity to do some great things that had not been originally accounted for. 2) Outside of Las Vegas are some very nice deserts and mountains. Easy to get to and very close, it is nice to take a break from the gambling and partying to get out and visit a bit of nature. Finding a hotel that is close to the Strip but also close to all the nature reserves is a big bonus when you are not having a good time at the casino tables. 3) Las Vegas is huge, and continues to grow, so trying to visit an amusement park on the outskirts from the Strip, may tend to be a bit difficult, so try to aim to be a little farther from all the traffic if you are not just gambling and are doing other fun things. 4) When searching for a place to stay in Las Vegas, you will find that in just about any direction there will be hotels in which to stay, offering a drive of less than 10 minutes to the Strip plus there is free parking at most casinos on the Strip for when you are going to gamble. 5) Think Entertainment! Check out the available shows during the time you are in Vegas. If you are lucky, you might get to see some of the greatest entertainers such as Jay Leno, Edwin Murphy, Sting, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Jeniffer Lopez, Shakira, Madonna and many many more for just a few dollars. Sometimes, you might get a ticket dirt-cheap if you only look around and ask. Since Vegas is relatively small, its worth your while to check out not just the shows that your hotel (however grand it is!) is planning for its customers, but also to check out those offered by the rest of the hotels in Las Vegas. These are just a few things to keep in mind when traveling to Las Vegas. If you are traveling with the family, you will want to remember that Las Vegas and Nevada offer excellent hotels and casinos as well as some of the most undisturbed wildlife and nature reserves and fantastic camping in the area. If you wish to find out more about the casinos in Las Vegas or the entertainment and different adventures you could take part in, go to for detailed reviews, explanations and hot tips.

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Las Vacaciones son la Mejor Solución Para Relajarte

Si te sientes un poco estresado con el trabajo, con tu pareja o con la familia y necesitas tomar decisiones, ver a los problemas con otra perspectiva siempre ayuda. Aquí te recomiendo tomar unas pequeñas vacaciones en donde tu decidas. Puede ser el lugar mas inesperado el que te puede hacer mejor. Debes buscar en diferentes sitios que lugares están disponibles por el fin de semana o una semana entera (si te la puedes tomar). Los lugares mas ideales deben ir de acuerdo a tu gusto. Por ejemplo si disfrutas del sol algún lugar de veraneo con el mar y la playa van a ser perfectos. Si no te gusta la playa, busca algún lugar en las montañas tranquilo que te traiga paz y serenidad. No necesitas gastar mucho dinero para tener un buen resultado, ya que solo unos días es suficiente sin tener que perder mucho tiempo en el viaje de ida y vuelta. Puedes optar de ir en auto que es más económico o en avión depende de los precios. Si vives en Europa, un fin de semana en Barcelona no te costara demasiado y sin duda te abrirá la mente y dejara atrás los problemas que parecían tan grandes que no te dejaban pensar. Tomarte unas vacaciones es algo positivo que solo traerá buenos resultados. Lo sitios desde ya dependen de tu poder económico. Si tu disposición no tiene limites, St Tropez en la costa de Francia es un lugar vacacional ideal. Fiestas desde las 3 de la tarde en la playa, mercado en el centro del pueblo, las playas mas increíbles y mucho mas. Si tu poder adquisitivo es un poco limitado, puedes ir a palma de Mallorca en España, a Ibiza o elegir entre muchos de los puertos de la zona. Si vives en Sudamérica o centro América, uno de mis lugares favoritos es Punta del Este en Uruguay. Aunque un poco caro, siempre saldrás de ahí con una sonrisa. Las playas más inolvidables, junto con los bares de moda, y actividades entretenidas las 24 horas del día te esperan ahí. Si no optas por ir a Punta del Este, Brasil es otro de los lugares mas increíbles. Ahí puedes ir a Buzios disfrutar de los camarones con palito, las playas los cocos, los helados, y mucho más. En Argentina también puedes encontrar lugares vacacionales, como Miramar, Pinamar, Mar del Plata, y otros. Si buscas lugares sin playa durante el invierno puedes ir a Bariloche, Villa La angostura, Las Leñas en donde puedes esquiar. Sin duda, cualquier lugar que elijas un poco alejado de tu trabajo, o deberes diarios te ayudara a relajarte y pensar mas tranquilamente como solucionar o seguir adelante en tus decisiones.

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Las Supersticiones en los

La mayoría de los jugadores casino siguen una cultura de las apuestas que es muy personal. Estas consisten en ciertas creencias, supersticiones, objetos, vestimentas y hábitos que deben o no deben hacer a la hora de jugar. Es importante tener un procedimiento en el casino para poder apostar con más seguridad. Próximamente te presento una serie de hábitos y creencias respetadas por muchos jugadores profesionales. Son solo lo que algunos dicen que es cierto, no necesariamente lo son. La primera es entrar y salir por la misma puerta del casino, lo cual es creíble que traiga buena suerte. Sin embargo, algunos creen que trae mala suerte hacerlo. Otra de las creencias es a la hora de jugar a los Dados, es importante soplarlos antes de tirarlos en la mesa del juego. Dicen que puede traer buenos resultados. En el póquer, dicen que jugar una carta que se cayó al piso durante el juego no es conveniente, y puede traer mala suerte. Usar vestimenta negra puede traer mala suerte en el casino. Los objetos de la suerte también son parte de la cultura de los casinos. Estos sirven para acompañar a los jugadores en los juegos trayendo buena suerte. La pata de conejo, muñecos de peluche, una foto de un familiar querido, una piedra, o trébol de cuatro hojas son algunos de los clásicos objetos de la suerte. Las piedras de la suerte están clasificadas por meses. La de Enero es Granate, Febrero Amatista, Marzo Aguamarina, Abril Diamantes, Mayo Esmeralda Junio Perla, Julio Rubí, Agosto Olivino, Septiembre Zafiro, Octubre Ópalo, Noviembre Topacio, y Diciembre Turquesa. Jugar con dinero de otros jugadores dicen que trae buena suerte. Sin embargo, otros creen que apostar con su propio dinero es más conveniente. En el casino, las supersticiones de donde jugar, donde sentarse, son muy importantes. Por ejemplo, elegir la mesa en donde apostaras tu dinero generalmente es la misma. Los jugadores tienen su mesa habitual que les ha traído muy buena suerte en el pasado. El asiento también es de respectiva importancia. Sentarse cerca de alguien quien creas que te traerá suerte es muy común, tanto como sentarse cerca de alguien quien no confías no es recomendable. La vestimenta es parte de las costumbres de los jugadores. En general dicen que vestir de negro no es conveniente, sin embargo la mayoría de los jugadores lucen traje negro. Muchos, tienen sus números de la suerte escogidos. El 7 es considerado uno de los más comunes, mientras que el 13 no trae buena suerte. Tampoco se acostumbra dejar dinero arriba de la mesa de juego, porque quiere decir que el jugador gano demasiado y suficiente. Sin duda, todas estas costumbres son muy subjetivas y depende en lo que uno cree o no cree. Pero si lo crees, es mejor que lo hagas!

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Las Peliculas de Poquer Mas Recomendadas

Desde la época de oro del Oeste, jugar al Póquer ha siempre sido un juego popular en Hollywood. A pesar de que muchas de las películas de Hollywood que se localizan en póquer no son muy buenas, y a veces presentan al juego de una manera ridícula, mirar el juego desde la gran pantalla es muy divertido, especialmente si eres un jugador de Póquer. Acá te presentamos las mejores películas que fueron producidas en Hollywood. Algunas son excelentes aparte de ser sobre el póquer, mientras que otras el juego es el tema principal de atracción. De todas maneras, si eres fanático del póquer, disfrutaras mucho de mirarlas! 1) The Sting, dirigido por George Roy Hill, 1973: Esta película es menos a cerca del póquer y más a cerca el arte de manejar las car6tas pero te proveerá dos horas de diversión sofisticada. El ganador de los Premios Academia de 1973, presenta al joven Paul Newman como el mejor artista de todos quien conduce a Robert Redford al arte de los trucos de carta. El trabajo de David S. Warn es basado en historias de juegos reales. 2) The Cincinnati Kid, dirigida por Norman Jewison en 1965: Este clásico es conocido por su estremecedor mano final y la inolvidable frase: "Llega a lo que se trata, no? Hacer la movida equivocada en el lugar preciso." The Cincinnati Kid es a cerca de la batalla entre Steve Macqueen que es un joven jugador de póquer conocido por "The Kid", y el veterano apostador de póquer conocido por "The Man" actuado por Edward G. Robinson, durante la gran depresión en New Orleans. Es una de las mejore películas de póquer que he visto en la gran pantalla. 1) California Split dirigida por Robert Altman en 1974: Puede que esta no sea una de las mejores películas de Altmans, pero es una de las mejores representaciones de la vida de dos apostadores profesionales actuada por George Segal y Elliott Gould. La narrativa no es particularmente directa y el final no es exactamente feliz, pero si logra describir una experiencia autentica. También, los fanáticos de póquer trivial disfrutaran de aprender que el legendario jugador de Póquer Amarillo Slim actúa un papel pequeño. 2) Rounders dirigida by John Dahl en 1998: No es claro si el éxito de la película empujo al boom del Póquer en el siglo 21 o la popularidad del póquer hizo Rounders un éxito total. De una manera u otra, Rounders es una de las mejores películas de póquer que ha habido en la pantalla. El tema de la película se basa en una maratón en la que Mat Damon y Edward Norton tratan de ganar dinero para pagar deudas de apuestas. EL campeón mundial de Póquer Johnny Chan también aparece en escena. 3) Maverick dirigida por Richard Donner en 1994: A pesar de que Maverick no es una película brillante en el ámbito del póquer, es una divertida y entretenida película par mirar. Te puede dar una idea básica de lo que era ser un jugador de póquer en el lejano oeste, con Mel Gibson como un maverick que trata de ganar suficiente dinero para el torneo del gran torneo final.

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Las Mejores Biografias de Los Artistas Visuales Mas Destacados

Las biografías de artistas visuales es un tema popular en el mundo del cine. Los productores de películas siempre estuvieron fascinados por las biografías de artistas visuales, especialmente si incluye locura, adicción a las drogas u otros temas duros. De hecho, les da una oportunidad de mostrar obras de arte restauradas u originales en la pantalla grande. Aquí, puedes leer a cerca de algunos de las más interesantes películas a cerca de la vida de artistas visuales. 1)"Lust for Life", dirigida por Vicente Minnelli en 1952: La biografía de Vincent Van Gogh ha ganado varias adaptaciones cinematográficas. Esta en especial es interpretada por Kira Douglas como Vincent la cual la ha hecho muy notable. La película esta basada en un libro (best selling) por Irving Stone, quien también escribió "La Agonía y el Éxtasis" a cerca de Michel Angelo, la cual también fue convertida en película. Si disfrutas de las obras de Van Gogh, disfrutaras de "Lust for Life", que presenta casi 200 pinturas originales del Van Gogh. SI eres familiar con Kirk Douglas, verlo como este torturado pintor es un poco extraño. Otra película recomendable sobre Van Gogh es Robert Altmans Vincent y Theo de 1990. 2) Sobreviviendo Picasso, dirigida por James Ivory en 1996: Como Van Gogh, la imagen de Pablo Picasso lo convirtió en una figura icónica fuera del círculo artístico. Mientras que Van Gogh simboliza la propia destrucción, maniaco depresivo el cual su éxito apareció luego de su muerte, Picasso representa lo misantropito y mujeriego del artista. Las relaciones de Picasso con mujeres es el enfoque de esta película. La historia es contada desde los ojos de la ayudanta de Picasso Francoise Gilot y caracteriza solo reproducciones de las obras del artista. El talentoso Anthony Hopkins interpreta a Picasso teniendo un parecido al artista muy increíble. Esta película logra crear un retrato tan cruel, egocéntrico y genio como el verdadero. 3) Chica con el Aro de Perla, dirigida por Meter Webber en 2003: Comparado a Van Gogh y Picasso, la biografía de Vermeers es menos conocida y menos controversial. Por eso, esta película es mucho más restringida y delicada que las anteriores. La película se focaliza en un corto periodo de la vida de Verneers en el que pintaba el retrato de su ama de casa de baja clase. A pesar de que la película no evita convenciones cinematográficas extra dramatizando el proceso de su pintura, vale la pena mirar la película por su diseño artístico que logra evocar la percepción de color y luz del pintor. 4) Basquiat, dirigida por Julian Schnabel en 1996: La critica mas común en contra de películas que tratan de artes visuales es la manera en que expresan el proceso de las creaciones. Por eso, había grandes expectaciones de Basquiat, que fue dirigida por el celebre pintor Julian Schnabel. Este logro expresar bien la subida y caída de Michelle Basquiat. De todas formas, la principal razón para mirar esta película es David Bowe quien interpreta a Andy Warhol. 5) Frida, dirigida por Julie Taymor en 2002: Como la mayoría de los artistas que tuvieron su biografía adaptada al cine, Frida Kahlo tuvo una bastante inusual, que incluye accidente de ómnibus, matrimonio problemático, y un romance con Leon Trotsky. Como Van Gogh, Picasso y Jackson Polloch, Frida Kahlo era un icono mucho antes de la creación de su película, pero los 123 minutos de ella ayudaron a esforzar su posición como idola feminista y la pintora más famosa del siglo 20. Este film intenta integrar a Frida con sus pinturas y el resultado es muy colorido y agradable. Muy recomendable.

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Las Maquinas Tragamonedas

Si estas atraído por los juegos de azar, aquí te presentamos lugares recomendados en los cuales encontraras modos de pagos que te beneficiaran y demás consejos. Siempre que juegues en maquinas tragamonedas deberás asegúrate de jugar a max bet de una maquina progresiva. Esto es, ya que muchas maquinas solo pagan el jackpot (gran premio) si haz jugado max bet. Por eso, no debes tomar el riesgo, de jugar en maquinas progresivas si no si de todas formas no ganaras el jackpot. Verificar las reglas de cada maquina progresiva es esencial antes de apostar en casinos en línea. Las maquinas tragamonedas son emocionantes tanto en línea como en vivo, ya que sus ganancias son dictadas por un sistema de números al azar posicionados en programaciones de casinos. Siempre debes asegurarte que el sitio que elegiste apostar es serio y ha adquirido buena fama en su trayectoria. Si apuestas, es casi seguro que disfrutaras la emoción del desafió de poder ganar el gran premio que ofrecen las tragamonedas. Las maquinas progresivas son las ideales ya que el pozo incrementa a medida que mas apostadores eligen aquella maquina para hacer sus apuestas. Es así como puedes observar como las maquinas aumentan su pozo y más y mas jugadores las eligen. Las maquinas tragamonedas son muy populares debido a sus increíbles premios, solo invirtiendo una o dos monedas puedes ganar cientos miles de dólares. Es así como muchos jugadores son famosos por haber ganado el jackpot en las maquinas progresivas. En la mayoría de los casinos en línea, muchas maquinas ofrecen grandes jackpots, mientras otras tienen mas pequeños. Hay aquellos que ofrecen 250,000 dólares, o mas, los cuales se los lleva un jugador con suerte. Luego la maquina comienza de nuevo con una suma menor hasta volver a llegar al jackpot. La parte menos conveniente de las maquinas progresivas es que tienes menos posibilidades de ganar sumas menores menos seguido. Es decir, puedes llegar a ganar de pronto el jackpot, pero es menos probable ganar sumas mas pequeñinas que en otras maquinas. Es por eso que debes elegir la maquina tragaperras dependiendo en lo que buscas. Si buscas jugar por diversión y ganar sumas pequeñinas, no debes elegir la progresivas. Pero la suerte también influye por supuesto! A continuación te presento una lista de 9 sitios en línea para apostar en maquinas tragaperras que son de confianza y tienen buena reputación. Disfrútalas y verifica bien cada maquina antes de jugar! 1) Royal Vegas Casino 2) 7 Sultans Casino 2) Fortune Room Casino 3) Desert Dollar Slots 4) Sci-Fi-Casino 5) Casino Tropez 6) Carnival Casino 7) Vegas Villa Casino 8) Slotland Casino 9)

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La Nueva Cara de James Bond

La reciente versión de James Bond "Casino Royale" ha traído al agente James Bond un nuevo actor que no solo ha cambiado su personalidad, pero también su actitud y ha traído un nuevo estilo sensual, frió y asesino al Agente. El actor que lo protagoniza es Daniel Craig, quien nunca antes había aparecido en una James Bond, pero que sin embargo ha podido traerle al popular personaje una cara diferente a la usual. Esta vez James. Bond no es tan simpático ni tan amistoso, es mas bien un chico malo que cuando se pone un objetivo es difícil detenerlo y lo hará a pesar de tener que lastimar o tener que matar a otros. El actor se ha preparado para protagonizar a James Bond seriamente haciendo ejercicio y formando su cuerpo de una increíble manera. Ha impactado a todas las espectadoras con su increíble figura(Especialmente en la escena en que sale del mar), y ha enamorado en escena a la actriz Eva Grin, quien después logra engañarlo a el. Comparado a otros actores que protagonizaron a James Bond en el pasado, como Pierce Brosnan o Sean Connery , David logro sacarle al personaje algo que nunca había salido antes. Un carácter más egoísta, determinado, seguro y luchador que no duda un segundo de sus acciones. Fue realmente sorprendente ver como en esta nueva versión de James Bond, el agente se desenvuelve en secuencias brillantes de máxima acción que nunca había habido en ningún otro James Bond. La diferencia entre este y otros Bond también es que el personaje es mucho mas real que en otros casos. Todavía cuenta con los lugares exóticos, los increíbles autos, mujeres hermosas pero sin el tono irreal que contaban otros James Bond. Aquí sin duda James Bond es mucho más sadista, quien se convierte en un asesino de sangre fría con poca simpatía por los demás trayendo una actitud dura y audaz la cual David Craig la personifica excelente. También es importante mencionar el juego de poquer del final en el Casino Royale, igual de entretenido que los momentos de acción del principio de la película. La actuación de la actriz francesa Eva Grin también ha convertido a la chica Bond en alguien difícil de descifrar quien atrapa al agente desenvolviéndose en la trama con un final inesperado. Podrás ver al final de la película un lado de Bond que no piensas que existe en el, ni creías que verías durante toda la trama. Además de todo lo mencionado previamente, no hay duda que este James Bond esta dedicado no solo a los hombres que buscan acción, autos espectaculares y chicas Bond deslumbrantes. Esta vez a las mujeres nos dieron al increíble David Craig quien es el centro de atracción de la película. La película estrenada en 2006, dirigida por Martin Campbell ha logrado traer al querido personaje de Bond un estilo renovador, interesante, frió e indomable que sin ninguna duda te hará disfrutar de la pantalla grande.

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La Industria de las Apuestas

La industria de las apuestas en línea es una de las más rentables en Internet. Inclusive, gente que no ha visitado un casino normal se encuentran visitando casinos en línea o salas de póquer diariamente. Entonces, ¿que hace a las apuestas en línea tan atractivas? Si, puedes jugar a cualquier juego que desees sin necesidad de irte de tu casa, trabajo o cualquier sea el lugar que debas estar. De todos modos, no puedes ser servido tu trago favorito, o ver tu partido preferido en la gran pantalla del casino, ni ver las expresiones de los demás jugadores cuando ganan o pierden. A continuación te presento los beneficios de apostar en línea comparado al casino tradicional: Diversidad: Puedes saltar de un juego de póquer en línea a un juego de dados y luego a una sala da bingo mientras no te mueves de tu silla. En la mayoría de los casinos en línea tienes la posibilidad de apostar y jugar en una amplia variedad de juegos, maquinas y video póquer. Puedes cambiar de apuestas de casino a apuestas de deportes con el mismo nombre de usuario y cuenta. Bonos: ¿A dónde mas recibirás dinero gratis para apostar que en los casinos en línea? La mayoría de ellos, ofrecen dinero gratis en bonos para atraer nuevos clientes y mantener la competición. Los bonos comienzan desde 10 dólares solo por instalar el programa del casino, a un par de miles de dólares por completar cierto monto requerido de manos. Conveniencia: ¿Qué puede ser mas conveniente que jugar a tu juego favorito de casino en el confort de tu propia casa mientras escuchas tu música favorita, y tomas tu bebida favorita? También puedes poner al repartidor en pausa y tomar un recreo. Fumar y Vestimenta: Si eres un fumador o no, cuando apuestas en línea eres libre de obedecer tus propias reglas. Algunas son de vestimenta, comida y bebida las cuales puedes fumar o no fumar a tu elección. Puedes vestir tu ropa más cómoda o quedarte desnudo, comer, tomar, hablar por teléfono, mirar TV o lo que sea. Principiantes: Un casino clásico puede ser un poco intimidante para un principiante. La mayoría de los casinos en línea, son amistosos a los principiantes. Ofrecen guías tutórales, interactivas, modos de pago y la opción de ahorrar la embarazosa situación de no entender las reglas de los juegos y los códigos de comportamiento. Estos dan una grata bienvenida a cualquier jugador. Seguridad: Si, apostar en línea es en general más seguro que apostar en casinos clásicos, en los cuales tienes que cargar grandes sumas de dinero en el bolsillo. La mayoría de los casinos en línea son confiables y respetables empresas que no arriesgaran su reputación y perder sus clientes para robar a sus clientes. Aparte de los beneficios mencionados anteriormente, apuestas en línea ofrece igual oportunidades a aquellos que no pueden viajar fuera de su país o ciudad a un casino clásico. Todos estos beneficios de los casinos en línea hacen que su gran popularidad sea más fácil de entender.

Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Know your Auto quotes

Auto Quotes is a full featured PC based electronic catalog for food service equipment and supplies complete with brilliant, full color images and detailed spec sheets. Auto quotes automates the quoting and purchasing process and replaces the need for printed catalogs and price lists. One of the best places to look for automobile quotes is at automobile exhibitions and trade shows. These events are organized by organizations like the National Automobile Association and by dealers and manufacturers from all over the country. At these events, you see all manufacturers and dealers at one location, and you can get as many quotes and discuss as many deals as you like. You can compare offers and sort out those that look attractive. Benefits of auto quotes for you • Automates the quoting and the purchasing process • Eliminates the need for printed price lists and catalogs • Helps to reduce any errors drastically • Helps you not to lose money with outdated pricing again. • If you are existing Auto quote user you can run it side by side with your current auto quotes. This process will not harm your existing data and ensure its safety. • Auto quotes online gives you access for your work from any PC, anywhere How to apply for an auto quote? • You can approach a car dealer for auto quotes and make a deal • Another way to get quotes for your car is to go online and check out for hundreds of dealers who offer virtual tours of their showroom. PC Requirements to run Auto Quotes • windows 2000 or windows XP, Service Pack 2 • 1GHZ processor • 512 MB of RAM (amount of RAM may vary depending on what other programs you run on your PC). • 6 GIG hard drive space • Microsoft Net framework 2.0 or later

Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Knock Sensor Failure: Now What?

Bella Miller skillfully navigated her BMW 735i onto the expressway, dodging a semi that was quickly barreling down on her. Darting over to the left lane she eased up on the accelerator just enough to give herself a little bit of extra room between her car and the Blazer she was now following. Traffic was fairly heavy at this hour of the afternoon, but one kilometer down the road Bella would be able to take the left fork and follow the outer beltway for seven kilometers. Within moments she would be out of rush hour traffic and on her way home. With the fork fast approaching, Bella turned on her left turn signal and eased her car off of the expressway and onto the ramp leading to the outer beltway. Seeing that traffic was now light, she pressed on the accelerator and immediately felt a bit of hesitation followed by two loud knocks. Perplexed, Bella eased up on the accelerator and moved over to the right hand lane, reduced her speed, before pressing down on the accelerator again. This time, her BMW responded but she could still feel some sense of hesitancy, so she decided to lower her speed the rest of the way home. Upon entering her driveway, Bella stopped her car and turned off the ignition. Immediately, the engine began to shudder, knock, ping, and shudder again, before making a noise that sounded almost like a sigh, followed by silence. Promptly, Bella grabbed her purse and cell phone and exited the car and ran into her house thinking that it might explode. What Bella was experiencing was an engine that was in distress. Her BMW’s knock sensor, designed to permit her V8 to run efficiently on lower grade 87 octane gasoline, had failed. This, in turn, was causing her engine to vibrate as the lower grade fuel was not enough power for her car. Before 1990, many cars did not come equipped with knock sensors. Thus, in order to prevent vibrating, high octane gas would always be a necessity in order for a car to run knock free. Eventually, knock sensors were created that allowed cars -- including Bella’s 735i -- to run on cheaper, low grade gasoline. In addition, the knock sensor had the all important benefit of stopping engine shudder which can ultimately damage a vehicle. If you are experiencing engine vibration of any type, it could be that your knock sensor has failed. Don’t delay; have your car checked immediately to prevent possible damage. A knock sensor is a fairly cheap to replace part compared to an engine repair which can cost you thousands of dollars.

Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

Kids Join Forces With Police In Speeding Crackdown

Schoolchildren in Central Wales have been acting as ad-hoc prosecutors in an attempt to reduce the speed of motorists on the roads in Powys. Pupils from Radnor Valley County Primary School learned how to use laser speed cameras to measure the speed of speeding cars, which can cause accidents necessitating car insurance claims. However, speeding motorists – who often risk increased car insurance premiums, not to mention accidents; large and small – could perhaps have been a little surprised when asked to explain their actions to schoolchildren, according to the Powys County Times newspaper. PC Lyn Heard told the newspaper: "I would expect a motorist, who would have to answer to a group of school children, to modify their future behaviour while using the roads." Sarah Morris, a road safety project manager, added: "Inappropriate speed on Powys roads is one of the major causes of road traffic collisions." "It is hoped that motorists will adhere to and respect the speed limits, which will greatly improve the road safety within the vicinity of our schools," she concluded. THINK!; the national road safety campaign is all about saving lives. They campaign all year round, nationally, to get people to think more about road safety, whether you walk, drive or ride. As part of the Government's strategy towards road safety, their aim is to cut the number of deaths and serious injuries from road accidents by 40 per cent by 2010. THINK!, said that 64 per cent of all fatalities occur on rural roads, this is despite the fact that some drivers the campaign surveyed think that rural roads are safer because they are quieter. Some car insurance providers look upon licence points for speeding less favourably than others, although all will eventually be forced to increase their premiums after the amassing of enough points to threaten the validity of the driving licence.

Selasa, 08 Maret 2011

Key-Pointers When Buying A Second Hand Car

Buying a car from an individual or from a local car dealer is one tedious task if the objective is to purchase a second car that is still in good running condition. A buyer would never trade his hard-earned money with just a complete wasted used car. Whether new or used, when buying a car, it should be treated with the same importance and value. There are things to take into consideration before buying the car and these are: 1. Educate yourself as a consumer 2. Prepare a list of your needs. Prioritize between the necessities and the wants. 3. Determine the budget and the kind of car that would best fit. 4. Make a selection by models and types. Narrowing them will be helpful. 5. Research both online and offline by dealers. 6. Know the value of the second hand car in the market. 7. Research the Vehicle Identification Numbers and history. 8. Take a mechanic when checking the car whether buying from a friend or a dealer. 9. Never shy away from asking questions. 10. If there's a gut feeling about it not being good, don't be afraid to walk away. Bringing a mechanic along is always a good strategy. Make sure your mechanic inspects the totality of the car, from the history down to its last screw. It should be parked on a level spot. You should make certain that it was driven for about an hour. This should make it a good time to make the inspection. Always make it on a well lit surrounding and in broad daylight. How to inspect it thoroughly: Checking the exterior. Walk around to see if there is damage to the body. The corners of the car should be shaken and bounced up and down to see if the shock absorbers are still in good condition. Make sure that the wheel bearings do not make any sound when trying to pull the front tires by tugging them. Open the doors lift the hood and the trunk to see if all the rubber seals are still in place. This will also tell if there's anything loose around the hinges. Check for signs of repaint. There will be difference in the color because shops can never duplicate the original paint of the car. Ask someone to turn on all the lights outside of the car and look if all are working. Cars with only 30,000 miles of travel must still have its original tires. Beware if you find a car with only a few miles of travel but has new tires. When the test drive is done, check the discs of the brakes, this should still be clean and smooth. Check the windshield for cracks. Checking the Interior. Though it sounds odd, smell the insides of the car. Sniff under mats and the carpet. If it smells like mildew then it's a sign that there is a leak somewhere or that the car may have undergone flood damage. Switch on the air-conditioning to make sure that it really turns the whole inside of the car cold. Next, try the heater. Try out all lights inside as well and never forget to blow the horn. Also try all the seat adjustments. The upholstery should still be in good shape too. There will be a lot more to check and here is where the mechanic can help the buyer. Looking inside the trunk. Once more, smell the insides and check for any signs of leaks. Make sure that some basic car tools are still present for the new user. Checking under the hood. Feel the wiring for any cracks or brittleness. Squeeze the hoses and the fan belt for any cuts and possible electrical tape patches. Do not take off the cap of the radiator until its cool enough. The greenish color indicates a good condition where the coolant is. Beware of stains and dirty-whitish color on the radiator. Again, let the rest be checked by the mechanic like the batteries. Checking under the car. Lie down if you must and use an emergency light to see the engine underneath. Feel any signs of residue. Check the pipes and examine any possibility of heavy rusting. Do the Test Drive. The owner or dealer should not stop a buyer from going over about twenty minutes of test drive. This is a special time to thoroughly look for any problems with the air-conditioning, heater, steering wheel, brakes, transmission, and most importantly, the comfort. Feel everything; it’s okay to try it on a hump or a slight bumpy road to really experience the performance. Listen carefully to check any rattles. Have a pen and paper, flashlight, gloves, magnet, towel, blanket and even CD or tape when checking a car out.

Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Keeping Teens On The Road To Safety

According to the latest information from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), teens have the highest crash risk of any drivers, at nearly four times that of drivers over 20. In fact, the IIHS says 39 percent of all deaths of 16- to 19-year- olds are caused by car accidents, making it the leading public health problem for teenagers. It's the parents' responsibility to teach kids how to be safe in the driver's seat. My son became a race car driver while he was still in his teens, so I really understand the fear of putting your child behind the wheel. "It is more important than ever to think 'Safety First' before teens get behind the wheel and onto the open road," said Brad Eggleston, vice president of AutoVantage, a leading car care and travel assistance group. Here are a few tips for parents: 1. Give the driver's seat to your teen. Recent reports suggest teens need between 25 and 50 hours of supervised driving before getting a license. Stay calm. If you panic, so will your child. Cover parking, multiple lanes, various road types, weather conditions and different days and times. Draw attention to safety hazards and day-to-day conflicts. Simple, straightforward instructions are best. 2. Limit the number of friends allowed in the car when your child drives. 3. Wear your seat belt. Some 63 percent of fatally injured teens are unrestrained. Lead by example. 4. Continue to periodically ride with your licensed teen. The sudden freedom he or she gains with a license can result in risky behavior, such as speeding. Teens are new to the road and can be overconfident. 5. No cell phone. The IIHS says drivers with cell phones are four times more likely to be involved in crashes that result in injuries. 6. Drinking and driving don't mix. Make yourself available should things get out of hand. Blood alcohol concentrations as low as 0.02 percent can hinder a driver's ability to track moving targets. Membership in AutoVantage ( begins with a two-month trial that costs $1 and can be canceled anytime during the trial period. Unless you call toll free (1-800-876-7787) to cancel during the trial period, your privileges will automatically continue at a low monthly membership fee. Customers can cancel at any time for a refund of the unused portion of then-current month's fee, no matter how much money they've saved.

Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

Keep Your Truck Bed Clean

It was bound to happen. You lend your truck to a “friend” who says they have a couple of pieces of furniture to move and it comes back to you with scratches in the bed area of your truck. It wouldn’t have been so bad had they apologized, but now you have to deal with unsightly scratches that can only make your truck’s value deteriorate quicker. Had you thought about it, you would have stuck a bed liner in your truck ahead of time to prevent the problem from happening in the first place. The above account actually happened to me as I was trying to help a young couple out with a good deed. I was warned in advance by a friend that the couple would take advantage of me and he was, unfortunately, correct. Let’s just say that it was a bitter lesson learned. Twenty years have passed and I no longer have that old F-150. My current people mover is an SUV, so I have no open area to deal with. Yet, I likely will have a pickup truck again in the near future and I have looked closely at some of the products available to owners today, particularly bed liners. Advances in technology have brought new products on the market that either did not exist a few years ago or were too expensive for the average driver. Some of the bed liners you can purchase include: Spray on liners. That’s right; you can have super-thick polyurethane sprayed right into the bed of your truck. At one quarter inch thick, you can receive protection from scratches or fluid and it is completely air tight. One manufacturer says this about their product, “It's scratch-resistant, slip-resistant, and really easy to clean.” Roll on liners. Similar to spray on liners, are roll on liners. Everything that I have read about roll on liners means a lot of work for the person who does the job, which typically is the truck’s owner. After sweeping and cleaning the bed free of all debris, you will then need to sand the entire truck bed as well as the sides before applying the rubberized coating. The sanding forces the coating to adhere to the bed area and I must tell you that between the sanding, masking tape, rubbing alcohol, newspapers, and particle masks, this is one smelly and messy job! Installed liners. Okay, I am biased. If it were up to me, this is the product I would purchase. Option number one is too expensive; option number two is too messy; while the third option -– an installed liner -- makes the most sense to me. Still, you need to be careful in this area too as some bed liners are certainly better made than others. Look for those liners that are scratch and dent resistant, waterproof, chemical proof, stain resistant, and durable, i.e. not subject to cracking, chipping, or fading. In all, a bed liner makes perfect sense for any truck, particularly if you can put one in that covers the sides and the wheel wells. All the decent ones I have seen are nicely padded and can easily be cleaned. Learn all about the product you want before making a decision to buy.

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

K&N Air Filters cleaning air for up to 1,000,000 miles?

For more than 30 years, K&N Filters have been the choice in engine filtration. The K&N filter delivers virtually unrestricted flow letting your engine run stronger, cleaner and with greater fuel efficiency. And yes, their warranty is good for 1,000,000 miles. So you could use your single air filter on all of your family’s vehicles for your entire life and only K&N has a guarantee and industry approval to hold up. The secret of the K&N filter is its filter medium. Four to six sheets of pleated and oiled cotton-gauze are layered between two sheets of aluminum wire mesh. This proven design stops dirt, dust and other harmful particles like no other filter, all while clean, power-enhancing air flows freely to your engine. With no costly changes and services, your K&N filter will save you money. And, you’ll be helping the environment by reducing the number of disposable air filters that end up in landfills. Have any doubts that you can install one on your own? Don’t worry; it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Performance air filters fit in the exact spot where your restrictive paper filter once lived. Installation involves quick loosening or removal of your air box for cleaning. Once dry and dirt-free, fit the performance air filter in place. Cleaning makes for a tight seal between the air box and the polyurethane border. If you're one of the proud few who has never changed their own air filter, location and directions can be found in the manual for your vehicle. It's super easy. The average install time is 10 minutes or less. The immediate and long-term benefits to installing a K&N air filter in your ride are as follows: Improved airflow to your engine Boosted horsepower, performance and gas mileage Better filtration of engine-destroying dirt Easy maintenance, thanks to infrequent cleaning Environmentally-friendly reusable materials It's the last filter you'll ever need - saves you from the expensive disposable filter circus Helping your vehicle's power by upgrading your vehicle's air system doesn't stop with the filter. There are also entire air intake replacements that combine a performance air filter with a wider intake tube for faster, higher volume airflow. This is a topic for a different discussion and future article… ; )

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John Reese's Top Traffic Secrets

Track all sources of traffic generation. John Reese stresses the need to track where all traffic comes from and at what cost. It is crucial to know exactly how many sales, newsletter sign-ups, or other leads your particular marketing campaigns generating. This enables you to work smarter and not harder. By tracking all traffic to your site you can make twice as much while working fifty percent less. Content is King On the internet, people are searching for one thing....... Content! Load your website with as much content as possible. Then, continuously add content. Search engines love information and they will love your site if you've got lots of it. There's plenty of free content for the taking on the internet. You can load up your site with articles from article directories like Or, you could be like John and use content from the public domain. Or, you can use content that is in the creative commons. This type is now easier than ever to find now that Yahoo and others have come out with a search engine designed specifically for content that is in the creative commons. An affiliate program is critical to maximum traffic and sales. Lots of internet marketers don't take advantage of this powerful traffic-generating technique. An affiliate program allows you to have your own personal salesman spread all over the web. The best part about it is that there is absolutely no risk involved but tons of traffic and sales to gain. Your website simply cannot grow to its full potential without an effective affiliate program. Banner Ads John Reese advocates the use of banner ads during a time when they are largely an untapped marketing source. Banner ads are one of the most overlooked sources of targeted traffic online. Also, banner ads are now one of the cheapest sources of targeted traffic. In the late 1990's during the dot-com boom, people were selling banner ads for $40 and $50 CPM. Then the dot-com bubble hit and these rates hit the floor. You can now buy banner ads dirt cheap, at $1 to $1.50 CPM. This is $1 for 1,000 banner impressions. The key here is to find the perfect place to advertise that will send targeted, willing to buy customers to your site. Create viral reports that can quickly spread around the internet. This method works best when you have an affiliate program. Allow others to brand your report in order to encourage its distribution. A quality free report can be a powerful promoter when passed around the internet. This same phenomenon can occur when you submit your articles to article directories and popular newsletters. Take advantage of your virtual real estate. Take advantage of the different parts of your website. Don't let any of your web pages go to waste. You can do this by adding a link to another one of your web sites or pages on your thank-you or sales confirmation pages. If you have articles on your site, place links to related articles on the bottom of the page. The longer you keep a visitor at your web site, the more valuable they become. It is very important to funnel traffic from within the multiple sites you may have. Continually seek out other web sites to link to you. Now, we're not just talking about any kind of link here, but powerful, traffic-generating links from respected sites. Here are some quick suggestions: Send a related web site an article that you have written and allow them to display it on their website with a resource box at the end. Offer to exchange articles and tell them about the benefits of doing so. Allow multiple, related web sites to distribute your free e-book or report. All web masters are looking to add value to their web site, why not make it easy for them. There are unlimited possibilities, be creative! Online group participation can produce a no-cost stream of traffic and sales. Get involved in email discussion lists, online groups and forums that are related to your target market. Becoming involved in discussions makes you very credible. Traffic from forums can produce a much higher sales conversion rate. This method can produce quite a bit of sales for you just by helping others out. Not to mention, you'll learn a lot along the way.

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Jeux de : Comment Perdre de Argent Rapidement

Examinons donc les différentes théories de jeux existants, leur sérieux et leur efficacité, pour ne pas dire inefficacité. Tout d'abord, il est une chose essentielle a toujours garde en mémoire: le jeu est un sport, un loisir lie aux aléas du hasard. Comprenez donc la chose suivante: rien ne peut défier le hasard. Perdre est donc naturel et il faut bien l'accepter. Tout n'est donc que question de chance. Ainsi, toutes les théories sur "Comment battre les Casinos" n'ont aucun fondement et n'ont, par ailleurs, jamais prouve leur efficacité. Ces dernières n'ont été inventées que pour donner de faux espoirs de contrôle d'une partie, face a un manque de confiance en soi. 1) L'une des méthodes les plus célèbres est celle de parier sur un événement qui n'a pas eu lieu a un moment précis. Selon des calculs statistiques, un événement qui ne s'est pas produit a ce moment sera forcement récurent sous peu. Grave erreur. Par exemple, a la roulette: 3 cases rouges sortent coup sur coup,le joueur parie alors sur une case noire pour le quatrième tour. Manque de chance, une autre case rouge est sortie. Hors cette méthode est très courante au sein des casinos, surtout parmi les joueurs cherchant a battre le casino. Regardez donc le nombre de personnes autour du table avec leur air songeur! En fait, ils analysent les parties. 2) La seule méthode plus fiable jusqu'a présent fut le comptage de cartes des sabots. Or, sachez que les casinos peuvent mettre dans un même sabot 8 voir 10 jeux différents pour le Blackjack. Donc cette méthode n'est plus trop en vigueur de nos jours. Cette dernière fut très prisée car non basée sur les probabilités, et offrant, a long terme, plus d'avantage sur le Casino. 3) Toutefois, certaines méthodes ont vues le jour comme les Martingales pour la casino en ligne pour la roulettes. Celles-ci ont au moins le mérite d'annoncer la couleur des le départ: "Aucune fiabilité a 100%". Toutefois, elles offrent l'avantage de proposer les meilleures possibilités de paris (comment miser pour récupérer la précédente mise,combien, etc..), tout en ayant fait d'avantages de preuves que la première. Les casinos permettent-ils ceci ? Les casinos connaissent même mieux que nous ces fameuses stratégies "miracles". Par conséquent, les casinotiers changent régulièrement leurs conditions générales de jeu ou leur matériel, sans pour autant être trop inquiètes. En effet, contre le comptage de cartes, le casino a par exemple rajouté des jeux dans son sabot afin de le rendre impossible. De plus, ces derniers savent qu'a la longue, l'avantage revient a la maison (soit, le casino). Mais pour éviter de tout perdre: Autre que le conseil singulier de "faites attention a vos mises. Ne misez jamais plus que vous ne disposez", il est utile de rappeler que les allers/ retours a Las Vegas ou Atlantic City ne sont pas nécessaires pour pouvoir bénéficier de bons casinos. Le choix s'offre a vous,: dans votre région ou en ligne. Alors pourquoi gaspiller en plus de l'argent dans des billets d'avions tous les deux mois?

Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

It Will Eventually Happen To You. What To Do When You Have To File An Auto Insurance Claim.

It's bound to happen. Sooner or later, if you drive long enough, you're likely to have some sort of automobile accident. With luck, it will be minor. But irregardless, knowing how to handle an auto insurance claim can possibly save you thousands of dollars. If you are involved in an accident, particularly in moderate to severe accidents, the first thing you need to do is contact the police. They will arrive quickly and help you sort out what happened, who may be at fault, and contact towing companies to remove your vehicle from the scene of the accident if necessary. The second thing you should do is contact your insurance company. They will likely want the insurance information of the other driver. Get that information from the other driver if possible, but if they are angry or uncooperative, do not push them. They must give that info to the police, and your auto insurance company can get it that way if necessary in order to process your claim. It takes longer, but it can still be done. This also saves you from escalating an already stressful situation if the other driver is extremely agitated. An auto insurance claim is simply a process by which you are covered in the event of an accident. If you were at fault in an accident, your insurance company will conduct an investigation, and pay for damages. This will likely result in an increase in your premium, or if you have had multiple accidents over the past few years, your insurance company may drop you completely. If another party was at fault for the accident, your insurance company will handle to process of handling the claim with the other drivers insurance company. Depending on the severity of damage to your vehicle, they will either issue you a check for the current market value of the vehicle, or they will provide you with information about where you can take your vehicle for repair. The process of filing auto insurance claims is a very stressful one. However, one possible benefit to this unfortunate event is that you learn quite a bit about your insurance company in the process. It's very easy for companies to promise the world, until you actually need them. At this point, you have the opportunity to evaluate how they treat you as a paying customer. Are they responsive when you contact hem? Do they process your claim quickly? Do they get you back on the road with a repaired vehicle or a check in a timely manner? Do your rates go up? Do they drop you? As difficult as it may be to go through, there is simply no better way then having to file an auto insurance claim, to find out if you are with the right company. Here's hoping you don't have to find this out for many, many years to come!

Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

It's Time To Get Your Tire Inspection Rolling

It's the season for getting our vehicles in gear for 2006. Let's begin with the only part of your car or truck that actually touches the highway-your tires. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says underinflation is the leading cause of tire failure-and tire failure can lead to accidents. Be your own crew chief and follow these simple guidelines from the NHTSA and other experts: • Take a peek at your tires: Visually inspect your tires on a regular basis. Consumer Reports says consult a professional if you see cracks or cuts on the sidewalls. If you see bulges or blisters, which signal potential weak spots that could lead to tire failure, replace the tire at once. • Under pressure: A tire doesn't have to be punctured to lose air. Tires naturally lose air over time. Check the pressure in all your tires -even the spare-at least once a month with a tire gauge. • How much air?: Tires should be inflated to the psi, or pounds per square inch, recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer. • Time matters: The best time for checking pressure is when a tire is "cold"-at least three hours after the vehicle has been driven. Even if you only drive your car around the block, the tire still needs to rest for three hours to get an accurate reading. • Tread test: Make sure your tires have the proper amount of tread. Many tires have tread wear indicator bars molded into the tread. If you can see a solid bar of rubber across the width of the tread, it's time to buy new tires. • Rotation, rotation, rotation: Most manufacturers recommend rotating tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. However, some four-wheel- drive vehicles require rotation even sooner, such as every 4,000 miles. Always check your owner's manual. According to Brad Eggleston, vice president of AutoVantage, "One of the best precautions is proper tire maintenance, which keeps your vehicle humming during the often hazardous road conditions."


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