Kamis, 22 April 2010

California DMV : Doesn't Have To Be A Nightmare

Going to the California DMV has long been known as a horrible, boring, dull, patience-testing yet necessary ordeal that has left people confused, angry, fed-up and above all feeling cheated out of their precious free-time. Thankfully the modern electronic era that we now conveniently reside in has given us some options apart from standing in the horrendous and droning lines associated with the California DMV.

From now on when we need to update our driver’s licenses and state ID’s many Californians are finding that there is an easier and much more pleasant process to completing these mundane tasks than by going to the Los Angeles DMV. For example many government agencies now offer the same services as the brick and mortar establishments at their online counterparts. By accessing services online, you can save time, money, harassment, embarrassment and energy by avoiding driving all the way downtown to wait in lines for hours and hours and hours.

We have all had the experience of trying to get our California driver’s license renewed or our state ID Card updated and have had to make that harrowing trip to the California DMV and wait in line for hour upon hour surrounded by what seems to be the most intimidating of Los Angeles county citizens. Why is it that Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie never happen to be at the LA DMV on the same day that you are. That’s because they have figured out that many of the services offered at the physical location are also available from the connivence, security, privacy and safety of your own home or office or home office.

We all have the need to be more efficient in our ever increasingly busy modern lifestyles. By combining tasks and completing as many of them from one physical location at a time we save time, money, energy, gas(which with rising fuel costs we all need to conserve) and peace of mind. Why hop in your car, drive to the california dmv, wait in line for hours, get back in your car drive to the grocery store to get this week’s food, drive across town to pick up a present for Sally’s high school graduation and then back to the California DMV because you left your wallet there when you can just sit back at home and take care of everything with just a click of your mouse.

Seriously, we are living in dangerous and uncertain times these days and even a trip to the Barstow or Fresno DMV http://www.dixondailynews.com/category/automotive-guides could turn into a potentially disastrous outing. It behooves us all to avoid crowded government buildings and by completing your civil service errands from the comfort of your own home just makes good sense.

If you just can’t face that notorious Los Angeles traffic or you just can’t find the time to wait in line for six hours or you would rather spend that six hours spending time with your family and not at the California DMV, pay a visit to the DMV web site and see if you can take care of those mindless tasks at home or the office. You will be happy you did.

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