Minggu, 05 September 2010

Fight High Gas Prices By Improving Your Car's Fuel Efficiency

Not everyone buys their cars based on the car fuel efficiency alone, but it would be safe to presume that it is one of the foremost considerations.

It is much more than a mere technical obsession. The running cost of the car, not to mention the maintenance aspect, depends solely on the car fuel efficiency.

One of the very first questions that car users ask each other is, “What is your car fuel efficiency?” And naturally! Everyone who drives a car is bound to be concerned about car fuel efficiency.

Most people whine and cry about their car fuel efficiency, but seldom do little else! People believe that it is the responsibility of the car manufacturer or the mechanic to keep the car performing at its optimum efficiency. But little do they realize that there is a whole lot that they themselves can do to ensure their car fuel efficiency.

If you drive on a very low gear for instance when a higher gear would work just as well, it is natural that the fuel efficiency will drop. So learning to understand the efficiency levels of driving and following them well will go a long way in ensuring car fuel efficiency.

For one thing, they can drive carefully and in accordance with the manual for efficiency. The car manual exists for a reason. And that is to ensure that the gear changes and the driving speeds work in tandem to give your car the maximum fuel efficiency.

Another way to increase the fuel efficiency is to use the air conditioning in the car only when it is absolutely critical. This way, not only can you make your car go longer on lesser fuel, but you can also ensure that your battery life is enhanced.

So remember to drive with your windows open for the purpose of ventilation rather than close all windows and set the air conditioning on full blast. It is a matter of dollars and sense!

Still another way to ensure that your car is fuel efficient is to ensure that you have filled your tires to the optimum level. If your tires are not filled with enough air, the friction levels increase dramatically.

When this happens, it takes more power for the car to move the same distance than say, when the tires are filled to the optimum level and make the car travel along smoother. Although this is clearly specified in the manual, not many people pay heed to it. Following these simple steps will surely increase your car fuel efficiency.

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