Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

How to Negotiate with a Jersey City Used Car Dealer

How to Negotiate with a Jersey City Used Car Dealer A large number of individuals make the decision to purchase a used vehicle instead of a new one. The decision to purchase used is often because a quality used vehicle can be obtained for a fairly low price. Did you know that it is even possible to purchase a used vehicle for less than the asking price? This is done by negotiating with a car dealer or sales representative. If you are interested in learning how to negotiate your next used car purchase from a Jersey City used car dealer continue to read on for some helpful negotiating tips. The best way to negotiate a price on a used vehicle is by knowing exactly how much money the vehicle is worth. This information can be obtained it two ways. A common way to obtain information on a certain vehicle is by using the internet. The internet will allow you to research a particular car make and model. You can also visit the website of the car maker to obtain more information. Purchasing a Kelley Blue Book is another way to obtain vehicle pricing information. This book is used as a guideline for determining the value of a new or used vehicle. The Kelley Blue Book can also be found online; however, having an actual book in your hand when visiting a Jersey City used car dealer can save you time. When speaking with a sales representative at a Jersey City used car dealer you should also ask them about the invoice price on a vehicle. The invoice price is how much money they had to spend to acquire the vehicle. Many new car dealerships provide proof of the invoice cost; however, it may be hard to prove the exact purchase price on a used vehicle. You should use this information to your advantage, but be careful with automatically accepting what a dealer says without proof. Comparing the purchase price and the asking price of a vehicle will allow you to determine how much of a profit a Jersey City used car dealer is making on the vehicle. Be cautious of an large difference because it is often a sign that a dealership is not working in the best interest of the customer. Just about all new and used car dealerships will take vehicle trade-ins. If you are planning on trading in your existing vehicle it can also be used as a negotiating tool. When taking your vehicle to a dealership the Kelley Blue Book will come in handy again. If the used car dealership gives you a low quote on your vehicle be sure to speak your mind. There are a large number of new car owners who let their old vehicles slip away for way less money then they should. If your vehicle is in good condition and the Kelley Blue Book states a higher trade-in value, do not be afraid to show the book to a sales representative. If you think that you can get more for your trade in then go visit another dealership. Negotiating and comparing prices are the two most effective ways for car buyers to obtain a great vehicle from a Jersey City used car dealer for a discounted price. By trying to negotiate the worst that could happen is that you will be told no. Isn’t it at least worth a try?

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