Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

Tireless Servant Protects Your Car While You Sleep...

So here I am at the dealer about to purchase a brand new vehicle. My old car was a good one, but after being having it’s frame and axle bent in a car accident, (that by the way wasn’t my fault, but that’s another story...) my old car was just never the same. It was about time I moved on, and got myself a brand new vehicle. So I’m going through the usual list of standard options, and things I just got to have in this new car, when a guy car browsing next to me says, “Nice vehicle. Going to keep it on the street, or in your garage?”. I said “Well, in my development, we have assigned parking spots, so I will keep it as close to my unit as I’m able”. He replied back “You better consider a custom car cover then, you want to protect your investment.” A car cover, I thought to myself, I wouldn’t have even considered that. I thanked the gentlemen, and continued with signing the papers for the new car. I asked the dealer what he thought about car covers, and he said “They are a great investment if you don’t have a indoor place to park your car. They help protect your vehicle from the elements, not to mention, other people.” Seems I hit on a topic he knew about because he kept on talking. “You’re going to need a custom car cover for this vehicle, being it’s a SUV, and there are plenty of places you can find that make them” he replied. He then went on to explain that not only will it help to retain a higher value of the car, but it will have less wear and tear, and it would help to avoid the usual nicks and scratches you get. Most of the time you speak to people in casual conversation, you either forget what they were saying, or you just brush it off as nonsense, but I have to say, this time I sure am glad that complete stranger mentioned this to me. Protect what you have, get a better return on your investment, and keep your car looking newer, longer, with a custom car cover.

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