Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

Tech Tips For Summertime Road Trips

As people start to plan their vacations, many are choosing to hit the highway rather than travel by plane. But as many experienced travelers could tell you, a great road trip is often made before you leave-by making sure you have the right items to ensure a more entertaining and enjoyable vacation. You have a map. You packed your snacks. But have you thought about the tech gear you might need for the road? Read on. Satellite Radio Anyone who's taken a road trip knows the frustration of fumbling with the radio tuner and finding nothing but static between cities. With satellite radio, travelers can enjoy crystal-clear, commercial-free music wherever they go. SIRIUS satellite radio, for example, offers 120 channels of music, sports and entertainment and several different receiver options for the car. iPod Accessories New iPod accessories make it easy to take your favorite playlist on the road. The Digital Lifestyle Outfitters TransPod, for example, lets travelers play their iPod through the car stereo, while simultaneously charging the battery. With the JBL On Tour Portable Speaker, you can take your tunes to the beach, your hotel room or any other destination along the way. Other accessories such as Accurian skins and cases help keep your iPod safe and scratch-free during your trip. Digital Cameras Memories are what matter, so you'll need a good digital camera and photo printer to share them. Digital photography bundles such as the Kodak C340 come with everything you need for on-the-spot picture taking and printing. The camera offers point-and-shoot simplicity and easily connects to the included printer to create brilliant photo postcards. Another option is the sleek Casio EXZ60, which packs a lot of power into a superslim package. It offers 6.0 MP resolution, an anti-shake feature and can easily fit into your pocket. Portable DVD Players RadioShack offers a wide variety of portable DVD players, including an all-in-one portable TV/DVD player/radio/alarm that is perfect for road trips. It features a 7" wide LCD screen for clear viewing of your favorite TV shows and movies, and the alarm is a nice backup if you sleep through your first wake-up call! Portable Navigation Nothing ruins a road trip faster than getting lost in an unfamiliar city. If you're directionally challenged, you might pick up a handheld navigation device such as the Magellan RoadMate 760 Portable GPS Receiver. This model offers voice prompting, a 3-D visual indicator and a SmartDetour feature to help find alternative routes around traffic-all around the U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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