Minggu, 22 April 2012

First China Auto Museum Opening In September

China is just about to open its very first automobile museum this middle of September. And the Auto Collections from the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino here in the United States is going to be part of this significant event.

Auto Collections is going to be the only participant who will not be from China. And it would be doing this by shipping antique cars on loan to this Chinese auto museum. This auto museum in China is actually sponsored and has been prepared for by the country’s own government.

From Las Vegas, there would be six vehicles which would be making the trip to Long Beach, California. And from there, they would be loaded on a cargo ship towards their destination – Shanghai, China. It would take the vehicles some twenty four to complete the voyage to the Asian country. However, these six cars are just going to be the first batch for Auto Collections is loaning thirty eight vehicles in total to the Chinese auto museum. Joining the vehicles from Auto Collection would be some thirty seven vehicles from Danville, California’s Blackhawk Collection.

All 75 vehicles from the United States would be representing twenty three various makes and models. The list has been said to include an 1886 Mercedes Benz and a 1972 Alfa Romeo. And how much would be their worth? Let us just say that it could range from $20,000 to a whopping million.

The Blackhawk Pavilion in the Shanghai Automobile Museum would serve as the home of these 74 vehicles. And this museum would be accommodating the public for there would be no admission fee. In fact, the museum has been set so as to be part of the international automobile city development in China which they have dubbed as “Autotown”.

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