Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Remove Your Car’s Dents

Car dents could happen to any car – even your own beloved Mazda. So you should not be quite surprised if one day you discover that your car has a dent or two in it. Dents mar the overall appearance of your vehicle. In fact, they could show that the owner is very careless with his vehicle that is why it received dents. But you see, you actually can have these dents removed by professionals if they are huge enough. Small dents do not quite need professional services. You actually can remove these small dents yourself. It certainly is easier to simply have the hood, the fender, the bumper, or any other parts of your vehicle with the dent removed and replace them with Mazda auto parts. But keep in mind that you would be spending much less if you do the dent-removing yourself. You do need a dent-pulling tool to do this challenge. Other tools could include a dolly, as well as a metalworking hammer. First, go through the dent and find its center. When you have done so, drill a hole in it with a 1/8-inch drill bit. When you have the hole drilled already, put the dent-pulling tool in the hole. Pull on the tool. This would actually flatten out the dent or let it pop out. When it is already flat, try hammering the front of the dent with the metalworking hammer and hold the dolly against the back of the dent. You can now fill the area with a body filler and let it dry. Sand down any excess after it is already dry. You can now prime the area. Use the spray primer used especially for cars. Apply six coats of the primer. But make sure that you let each coat dry before you apply the new one. Lastly, apply touch up paint that matches your car paint.

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