Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

The 1 billion oppurtunity! Dont miss it...

Growing at pace with the automobile industry in India is a web portal CarSalesIndia. To Buy a Car, all it takes for Indias 1 billion crowd is to check out this website now. The website provides a comprehensive search feature to search for used cars. The website has an extensive list of used cars for all cities around the country. There are other cool features like Email Alerts for car buyers and Car Pool for environment carers. also provides other value added features such as a Loan Calculator. There is an extensive solution for Auto Dealers. If you are a dealer, you can register for Free with and advertise your entire stock for a fixed cost. Your advertisements are based on slots, hence you only buy the slot and not a specific advertisement for a car. This is a better way of provided service to Auto Dealers as If you end up advertising your car via other advertisements or the very next moment after advertising, it allows you to advertise another car in the same slot until the slot expires. The website also provides and excellent feature for car users to vote for their most favourite car. This will allow to analyse the market trend and the customer feedback on individual car models. This will allow to keep their loyal customers well informed about some of the cool and bad features. An excellent common resource website developed by Sams Auto Trade also helps customers. A solution for the huge bike market in India is also also provides similar features to and comes with the comprehensive search and more. Sams Auto Trade the company that owns and has also launched a web portal for the UK market. CarTradersUk also provides a good platform for car dealers to register and advertise their cars based on a slot mechanism. The slot mechanism allows dealers to manage their entire stock at one place with maximum flexibility. The company has much more to offer, you can also view the company blog at

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