Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Tips On Preventing Auto Theft

With a vehicle stolen every 25 seconds in the U.S., motorists will feel a lot more secure by heeding these tips on preventing theft: • The number-one step to reduce theft is to always remove your keys from the ignition and lock your vehicle, no matter where you are. • Consider the use of anti-theft devices such as steering wheel locks and a wheel immobilizer. One new wheel immobilizer, called The Wheel Club, has been introduced by the makers of the well-known The Club. It is bright red in color, making it highly visible to a would-be thief. It was designed specifically with trailers in mind, is made of steel and takes seconds to install. With trailers being the way motorists move their valuables around-such as boats and objects they depend on for a livelihood like lawnmowers and construction tools-anti-theft devices are an affordable way to secure everything from trailers to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and tractors. With crime and theft increasing in many areas, motorists should take responsibility for securing their own vehicles with affordable products that work. Other steps in preventing theft are: • Do not park your vehicle in an isolated area where there are few passersby. • Remove valuables from the vehicle and place them out of view in the trunk. • Keep your vehicle keys separate from your house keys. • Park with your front wheels turned sharply. This will make your vehicle difficult to tow away. • When returning to your vehicle, always have your keys ready and always look under and around your vehicle before approaching it.

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